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5 Good as Fuck Reasons to Hire a Coach

Hey, Hey Y’all! This week the theme of coaching and hiring coaches was definitely a topic of conversation. For many, online coaches and the coaching industry can feel a little ominous. For others, they wonder if coaches are just therapists that never graduated. Or it just seems like a fake job. It’s a little confusing so let me just set the record straight.

A coach is someone who’s going to help you achieve the next level.

As Alyssa Nobriga said on The Boss Babe podcast, “A therapist is someone you need, a coach is someone you want.” It’s definitely a luxury service. You can go to Google University and figure everything out yourself, and that’s fine, but if you hit a point where you feel like you’ve plateaued or you’re wanting different results, that’s when you seek some coaching help.

I mean think about it, we hire coaches all the time in our daily lives. We hire personal trainers when we want to get into better shape. Couples hire counselors to help them communicate better in their marriage. We have people at work training us to be better at our jobs. High school and college students hire tutors all the freaking time to help them with concepts we are struggling with.

Seeking help to achieve a new level is not a new concept for any of us. Usually, the only difference is that we are used to hiring coaches as a last resort. Back in college, you hired a tutor so you could nail down the concept to prevent a failing grade. You get extra training at work so that you won’t get fired. You go to the marriage counselor so you won’t get divorced. We are conditioned to see getting help as failing.

It makes us feel like we aren’t good enough to do it ourselves.

Which is just not the actual truth. You don’t just stop learning when you graduate high school or college. Life is always throwing new material at us to learn, and when we do, we access a new level of success, both in personal and professional ways. The point is, you don’t know what you don’t know and it’s arrogant/naive to act like there is nothing new for you to learn. So here are my 5 good as fuck reasons to hire a coach.

They are invested in your success.

Talking to your friends or your mom about your business or career is only going to get you so far. There is just no way they are going to have the emotional bandwidth to care about your job they really don’t know that much about. They can encourage you, listen to your ideas, agree that your boss is an a-hole, but that’s about it.

When you hire a coach you’re bringing someone into your life that is invested in your success. It is their JOB to listen to you and to help you formulate solutions and action plans. For the time you have set aside with them, it is ALL about you and your needs.

None of us get enough of that support in our lives and just imagine what a game-changer that would be for your career. If you could have an hour a week set aside to talk about your ideas, grievances, struggles, and what you want for your future, AND to walk away with a strategy on how to get it -- what would that mean for you?

They can give you the fast-track

When you hire a coach, you’re hiring someone who has already done the work you’re trying to do. They’ve already figured out what works, what doesn’t, what platforms they like, which ones have glitches, and a laundry list of things they would tell you not to do. This is a person that started at level zero and worked their way up to level 10. Hiring them lets you start at level 10 and work up from there.

As Tony Robbins says, “Turning decades into days”.

You are saving yourself time, wasted money, frustration, and disappointment because you’re getting the fast-track experience. Maybe you can find a little honor in struggling your way through, or you could be working with your ideal clients making good money, now.

People go to 4-12 years of college, investing in tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a job they’ll have for the rest of their lives. Coaching is no different other than the fact that it’s on a shorter timeline with more concentration on the skills you’re specifically looking for.

It’s like taking college classes in only the subjects you’re interested in and are actually going to use in your job/daily life. Taught by someone active in the field right now.

… so in other words, a LOT more helpful.


You know the number one reason people don’t hire a coach is because there is something inside of them that doesn't actually want to succeed? I know that can feel a little triggering, but honestly, most people won’t hire a coach because they don’t want the accountability. They don’t want to be called out on their shit, they don’t want to have to do the work, and subconsciously, they don’t think their success is possible.

If you think that hiring a coach is a waste of money, then you don’t believe that you are actually going to succeed. You are afraid that if you hire someone and it still doesn’t work out, then you really are a failure.

That is the most popular limiting belief in the book, and it’s bullshit. Do you know what's scaring you? Actually winning.

“It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

You know that if you invest, and you have someone demanding that you do the work and apply yourself, you will succeed, it’s inevitable.

Coaches don’t get into this game because they let their clients fail.

So ask yourself, if the thought of being held accountable scares you, why are you afraid to succeed?

Hands-on support

This is the major difference between coaching and online courses -- getting customized hands-on support. It is the biggest game-changer to have someone that is applying knowledge, strategy, and foundational tools to YOUR specific needs. Not just stuff that’s going to apply to your field, but to you and your business or career.

A course can teach you how to make sales and give you a generic script. A coach can brainstorm a selling style that is natural to you, and workshop exercises with you so you can practice.

Having that kind of personal help is what separates you from the masses and speeds you through milestones like nothing else will.

It is in their best interest for you to succeed

This is a major separation from coaches and masterminds, groups, work mentors, business besties, etc. In the ladder, there can be jealousy, lack mentality, personal promotion, and you are vulnerable to other people’s limiting beliefs. It can get icky energetically.

With a coach, it is in their best interest for you to succeed. The more money you make, the more clients you get, the more sales you have, getting the promotion, achieving the milestone, etc. all look good on them too. Therefore, they are going to pour every bit of knowledge, help, support, and positivity into you and your goals.

They are going to do everything in their power to see you win, and that is invaluable.

There you have it, 5 good as fuck reasons to hire a coach. There really is no better or faster way to achieve your next-level goals, and even better, it’s a tax write-off (that’s a little bonus for you)!

Obviously, I have a coaching offer and if any of these points resonated you might want to stick around.

I have two coaching programs: The Shine Fucking Bright coaching program, and The Whole Damn Branding Package.

Shine Fucking Bright is a 6-week session.

You get:

  • 1:1 coaching calls every week

  • Personalized resources to help you implement the concepts we discuss

  • Your choice of one of my done-for-you branding packages

    • The Website Package

    • The Launch Package

    • (both valued at $5500)

The Whole Damn Branding Package is a 6-month session that is everything you need to start an online business.

This one is super extensive so I recommend heading over to this page to get all the juicy details.

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