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This is one of my all-time favorite components of my branding business. This is when we get to work one-on-one and dive into the overall concept, vision, and strategy you want to implement for your brand. I mean, yes, you can totally scroll through Pinterest all day, get inspiration on Instagram, and Google how to put it all together -- but trust me, I've been there, and it doesn't have to be that hard. Branding is supposed to be fun! It's the development of your business's personality, and where we get to bring your voice and message to life! Better yet, it's when we build the foundation that's going to withstand all the money and clients you're going to be bringing in. This is an intensive 6-week process but by the end of our time together you're going to not only have a clear idea of what your brand looks, sounds, and feels like -- but you're also going to have the tools and platform development you need to launch and start making some moolah! 

I specialize in high-ticket sales and luxury brand development in the online space. 

Girl, I see you. You have this incredible, profitable, original idea -- you have the skills, the drive, and even the material, but the idea of developing a whole damn brand is not only intimidating, but exhausting to even think about. Building a website, determining an elevator pitch, choosing colors and fonts, and images. Even picking a name can feel so daunting -- preventing you from sharing your ideas and strengths with the world. I'm sorry to say, but think about it -- how much money have you already lost because you were too scared to start? 

We're cutting that shit right now.

6-weeks might sound like a long time, or for some, that might sound really intense -- but this is my ideal amount of time to play off your inspiration. It takes 6-weeks because we are building a brand that's going to LAST. Not trendy, not superficial, and I'm not in the business of making a quick buck. This process takes time, talking and brainstorming, and a lot of hanging out in the development stage because I don't want you to have to re-brand every year. After this work, updates will be easy and seamless and your brand will be built to eb and flow with your current interests and offers. Yes, the 6-weeks is an intense period, but I want you to start making money NOW. I also know that life tends to get in the way, and I want to hone in on your creative spark when the inspiration hits. 

We are going to build you a platform and foundation that can support any interest, evolution, or pivot in your life. 

The whole damn

Branding Package

One-on-One Coaching: 6-weeks of one-on-one brainstorming sessions, strategy calls, idea dumps, and taking the time to flesh out the true vision and vibe of your brand. ($4,000 value)

Website Design: Together we are going to build you the bones for your website. Home page, sales landing page, and about page included. ($3500 value)

Branding Package: We are going to determine your branding fonts, colors, icons, slogans, name, logo, etc. Then put it all together in a package you can easily access for reference and upload them to your website, CANVA, etc. ($1200 value)

30 Day Content Strategy: We will establish and create 30 days of content to support the first month of launching your brand. Social media, emails, blogs, scheduling LIVE streams and YT videos, whatever you need. ($3,500 value) 

Freebie Email List Grower: Create and implement a freebie offer to attract new email list leads and get the work out about your new business! ($500 value)

base $10,000

Add ons: 


  • I'll Come to you: TRAVEL, MEALS, & STAY FEES APPLY

  • Arizona Retreat: 






The Facts:

  • The average long-form sales page cost starts at $4,000 (JUST for the sales page).

  • My clients on average make upwards of $10,000/launch and $17,000+/mo.

  • Many business coaches cost $10,000 just to brainstorm and talk you through concepts. With me, you've got a coach, designer, copywriter, and sales specialist all at your service.

  • You can use the graphics & designs and copywriting templates over and over again. I make them in Canva/Google Docs, and you get full access to them forever so you can change and update as you please. 

  • My strategy serves your social media presence, website, SEO, email marketing, and sales. 

  • Branding packages like this often offer half the value for double the price. 

  • You get full access to me to help brainstorm ideas over the course of the 6-weeks. 

  • I am geared toward sales and make you money. These principles and this work is specifically designed to create a business and develop your career and desired lifestyle.

Past Client Experiences:

Berrion Berry

Period health practitioner and creator of The Flo Academy

I have converted Berrion's podcast episodes into SEO-friendly, brand-enriched blog posts that have converted readers into her courses and coaching programs. I have also created sales pages for her services and her main opt-in page for The Flo Academy. Then for her marketing, I have created nurture sequences that educate her audience, establish her brand, and promote her offers. Converting followers into customers. Berri is always hitting me up for new projects and I love promoting her offers and see her business thrive. Berri has been featured on the Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher, the SHE podcast by Jordan Lee Dooley, the Create and Cultivate IG page, and so much more!

"Anna, I'm finally going through the nurture sequence you wrote, and I cannot say enough how grateful I am for you and your ability to capture the voice of my brand and business. I keep reading it and I'm like, "Dude WTF". I'm updating a ton of stuff and reviewing all your work and I'm crying it's so good!" 

-Berrion Berry 

LaTisha Styles

Business Coach and CEO of LaTisha Styles TV

LaTisha is a client that turned this package into a full-time deal. Every single month I perform these strategies for her, in addition to a variety of other projects. I represent her brand every single week via social media, her email, blog, and sales pages while she spends her time coaching and expanding her business. For one of her recent offers, she had to turn off the promotions because her (and her partner's) calendar was completely booked with sales calls. We doubled LaTisha's income in 2020, and she is on-track to having her first 7-figure year in 2021. 

Do you need the whole damn branding package?

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