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How to Create Needle Moving Content for Your Online Business

You don’t have to do it ALL, just pick your favorite and do it WELL!

I saw a post yesterday of a guru recommending that creators post 4 TIMES A DAY to grow their TikTok accounts. That’s honestly a little insane to me. I also think it’s overkill to be on EVERY single platform doing EVERY single thing there is to do in the online space.

I don’t believe that we all have to be writers, YouTube personalities, podcasters, TikTok stars, influencers, etc. People are going to have their own interests and ways of creating content that feels the most natural to them and they shouldn’t be shamed for that.

So much of the anxiety that comes from running an online business is all the freaking noise of the gurus telling us that if we aren’t doing it “this way” then we are doing it wrong.

I also don’t believe in online business owners being content mills for these third-party platforms (but that’s a whole rant for a different time). That being said, there are ways to create content that will actually move the needle in your online business. Meaning that everything you share will have the purpose of attracting, building a relationship with, and converting your ideal clients.

Here’s what I would say if I was your business coach.

Have Your Main Content Platform

Every business owner needs one main content platform where they build a relationship with and educate their audience. This is usually a YouTube channel, Podcast, or Blog. Note that I said ONE.

I do not believe that you need to do it all to reach your audience. I just believe that you just need to do one thing really well.

Don’t listen to all of the noise out there saying that you’re “doing it wrong” if you’re not making videos, or that you’re behind the ball if you don’t have a podcast.

You don’t HAVE to do anything. There are TONS of successful people out there doing business their way, and I believe you get to be one of them. The most important thing is that you find your element and you pour your heart into it. THAT’S what people are going to be attracted to, no matter what form it’s in.

Pick One Social Media Platform

There are SO many social media platforms, and spoiler alert, you don’t need to be on all of them. For one, you can cross share to most of the platforms, which is great, but also it is just too hard to pour your heart and dedication into all of them.

That’s why I recommend picking ONE platform that feels easy to you, that you really like, and just focus on building that.

This will take the pressure off you to be a content machine and you can simply take this work and share it to the other platforms if you want to. Social media is just about marketing your business anyway. It should not be pulling all of your attention.

For example, I chose Instagram. I make reels, make posts, share on my IG story. I pour a lot of love into my IG account and I set it up so it automatically shares to my Facebook business page. Then I save my reels and just repost them to TikTok. My posting probably takes up 30 minutes of my day MAX.

Have Free Opt-in Content

I will die on this hill, you NEED an email opt-in lead generator if you’re growing an online business. This is content that people can only access if they give you their email address. It’s not paid, but they have to make some kind of commitment to access it.

This not only helps grow your email list (V IMPORTANT) but it separates your followers from your fans. This automatically gives you a list of people that are that much more likely to buy.

This content can be a PDF, workbook, e-book, small training series, audio, even a series of emails. It just needs to provide a little more in-depth information than your regular free content.

Share an industry secret, share a framework, create something really creative and cool. A big plus about this content too is that you literally create it once and you virtually never have to think about it again. It can just live on your website and build your audience while you sleep.

For more in-depth info on how to create this kind of content, check out this blog post:

Have *Signature* Content

This one is optional, but I do highly recommend it. This goes hand in hand with branding and giving your audience something to remember you by and helps you stand out from the crowd. This can be a channel of your YouTube, a very specific type of podcast episode, a TikTok series on a specific topic.

For example, my fiancé, Jared has his YouTube channel and he has a series called #eatoutAZ where he goes around and features local restaurants in AZ. For my platform, I have my daily online business tips that I share on my Instagram in a carousel post. There’s a TikToker I follow that always shares crazy stories about the dive bar she works at.

Just having a specific thing that YOU do will captivate the attention and hearts of your followers.

To brainstorm, if someone were to describe you as, “OMG you’re the ____ girl!”, what would that “_____” be?

Easy peasy right? The whole point of starting an online business is to create content that you love. I truly believe that when you are aligned with the content you’re sharing, your ideal clients will flock to you.

Now, if all of this felt really good and aligned but you’re still overwhelmed with the whole content creation thing, then let me take some of it off your plate.

I have a ton of branding services for women with online businesses and I am always taking on new projects. These are one-time services, no long-term commitment required, just so I can help you get up and moving while building your brand.

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