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How to use Instagram in Your Online Business

It’s FREE marketing, here’s how to fully use the app to your advantage and create content that builds a know, like, and trust relationship with your audience!

As it’s one of the most popular apps I think we are all quite familiar with Instagram. However, many online business owners are using either strictly for pleasure or not using most of the features the app has to offer.

The beautiful thing about Instagram is that the app provides several different ways to showcase content and connect with varying audiences. This allows you to not only reach more people but bring them into your space and connect with them on different levels.

This is relevant to you as an online business owner because three things need to happen before a potential client is going to buy.

  1. They need to know of you

  2. They need to like you

  3. They need to trust you

All of which you can accomplish by posting on this app. Here’s how to use Instagram to its fullest potential so that you can connect with your ideal clients and boost sales in your online business.

IG Reels

IG Reels are the TikTok of Instagram. Short, high-value videos that reach a large audience. You want to use these to reach people outside of your current following and grow your account. This is where you’re going to hit that know factor. I mean, how can your clients buy if they don’t know you exist right?

As of March 2022, Instagram is highly favoring reels and it’s recommended that content creators post at least 3 a week.

The thing with reels is that it typically takes you getting in front of the camera, which can be intimidating. However, there are SO MANY different ways you can create high-value content in this format.

You can dance to a trending song, do a short tutorial, lip-synch, use text on a generic background. I recommend doing some research on the app and saving reels that feel aligned with your style and interests.

If you want a full tutorial on how to use reels in your online business, you can check out this blog post:

Instagram Posts

The thing about Instagram is that you want your audience to convert into followers and you want to drive up the engagement so your account can be highly ranked on the app. When someone sees your reel they’re going to click over to your account, and it’s in your Instagram Posts where they’re going to decide if they want to follow you or not.

I can your IG posts the “meat” of your account. This is where you provide high-valuable information that people can take their time on. Which means carousel posts, infographics, long captions, personal stories, etc.

For my clients I have 3 forms of content that I ALWAYS want to see:

  • Content that educates

Carousel mini trainings, infographics, hot tips for their industry, dos, and don’ts, etc.

  • Content that connects

Photos of you, personal stories, relatability, etc.

  • Content that sells

Selling your offers and telling your audience how and where they can buy from you.

If you’re constantly rotating between these three pillars you’ll hit the like and the trust factors and nurture your audience into becoming potential clients.

Instagram Stories

Lastly, we have Instagram stories that are mainly for your followers and “super fans”. This is where you give a glimpse into your inner world. The behind-the-scenes, candid, and relatable content all goes here.

This is where most followers turn into clients because at this point they feel like they know you. You’re practically their friend. When they see your circle at the top of their screen, they are clicking over to it day after day wanting to know what you’re up to. It’s constant positive reinforcement and very important for relationship building.

Instagram stories should be pretty casual and should be used often. Even if you feel like your day-to-day isn’t all that exciting, just remember that every little bit adds up.

Instagram Hot Tips:

🔥Use hashtags!

🔥Post 5 times a week if you can

🔥Post 3-5 reels a week

🔥There should be a photo of you within every 6 posts

🔥Instagram likes it when you use its features -- stickers, tools, etc.

🔥Your reels get more views when you don’t post them to your feed

🔥Don’t be afraid to share your personal stories over and over again, not everyone sees your posts every time

As an online business coach, I am a huge fan of Instagram and believe that everyone with an online business should be using it. That doesn’t mean you have to be a content mill for the app, but you should be looking at it as a free marketing tool.

Now, if all of this felt good and aligned but you’re still overwhelmed with the whole content creation thing, then let me take some of it off your plate.

I have a ton of branding services for women with online business and I am always taking on new projects. These are one-time services, no long-term commitment required, just so I can help you get up and moving while building your brand.

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