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How to Use Reels In Your Online Business

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Hello online business owners! If you’re hanging out in social and you haven’t started capitalizing on IG Reels yet, this post is FOR YOU!

For starters, you can essentially take any trend/audio and creatively relate the context to your business/field of interest.

*Check out my reels at @annaclarice.bizcoach to see how I relate the content back to online business coaching!*

You just need 3 types of content.

There are 3 types of content you should be creating to build a know, like, and trust relationship with your audience. If you have these in your arsenal, you will never have post anxiety again!

  • Share your story -- share who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

  • What makes you relatable -- share pieces of your unique qualities that will resonate with your ideal clients

  • Educate -- Give your audience content that is going to be directly applicable and useful to them.

Share Your Story

Using reels is a fun and different way to share your story, but sometimes it's hard to talk about yourself. I recommend writing down 3 CORE experiences in your notes app. These should directly relate to how and why you're where you are today.

Then when inspiration strikes or a trend calls for it, you have the content and caption already done! This is how they get to KNOW you.

PS. Be prepared to share your story over and over again. With reels you're reaching new people all the time.

Relatable Reels

Relatable reels are really where you're going to get those high-views and engagement numbers. However, you want to make sure that your content is actively adding value to your brand.

You're trying to attract your IDEAL CLIENTS -- not just anybody.

Think of topics that you could picture discussing with your dream clientele. This gives them the opportunity to LIKE you.


Use this platform to create free content for your audience. Content that is directly relevant and helpful to them, that they can implement right away.

This is going to build massive trust, authority, and credibility with your audience. Then in the caption send them to more of your resources and services!

Hot Tips:

🔥 Don’t take yourself too seriously. I promise you, nobody cares THAT much. The more you show up the bigger impact you will have.

🔥 Use the trends and put your own spin on it!

🔥 Use hashtags in the caption to reach more of your target audience.

🔥 Don’t get too hung up on the view and likes. The point is to add value to your platform, and if it helps even one person, it was worth it!

I hope these tips were helpful! Come hang out with me on Instagram, I would love to support your reels and content!

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