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How to Write Your 3 Core Stories

Use these stories to elevate your brand and build a know, like, & trust relationship with your ideal clients!

When you're building a brand it's imperative that you build a know, like, and trust relationship with your ideal clients.

That means you have to tell your story and build a connection.

This story should reflect on your life, a lesson you learned, and how that pertains to the work you do now. For my online business babes, I recommend having THREE strong, core stories that define your brand, your message, and your "why".

Here’s how to write 3 core stories that will elevate your brand and build a know, like, and trust relationship with your ideal clients.

Story #1: Series of Events

To start off with the basics, this story will be about the series of events that lead to where you are today. You don't have to tell every detail, or even start from the very beginning. Just tell the story in a way that will have the most impact on the reader.

For example, my SOE story is that I built a wedding industry career over the course of 7 years, needed spontaneous back surgery, which lead to me building an online business to pay bills. Now I teach women all over the world how to start and scale online businesses within 6 weeks.

Story #2: Struggle Bus

This story will be your chance to relate to your ideal client on a deeper level. This is when you tell a story about how you overcame a struggle or pain point -- preferably one that will be universally relatable. This lets your potential clients know that you understand them better than anyone, which means that YOU know how to help them.

For example, I talk about how when I was getting the back surgery I desperately needed to be able to pay my bills (FAST). I didn't have the time to get hired by another job, so I started a business.

Story #3: In Your Feelings

Bring in the depth for the 3rd story. This is when you talk about a time that had a significant emotional impact on you. This should reflect negative feelings that turn into positive feelings.

For example, I tell the story about how when I was in the wedding industry I was severely overworked and underpaid. I had to drive 40min each way to work becuase I could only afford low-income housing. Then, a year into starting my business I was able to buy a condo in the nicest area of town, working less and LOVING my work.

Hot Tips!

🔥Write these stories in a Google Doc first in a long-form. Then chop them up into short, and even shorter forms. Save them to your phone notes for easy access.

🔥Pull out key elements of your story that you can write little sub-stories from. For example, I can write a whole different story about my wedding industry career and the choice to leave it.

🔥 Make sure you share one of these stories at least once a week in some form. IG stories, reels, posts, blog, etc.

There you go! The biggest part of building a brand is having a firm foundation to build from, and having a story will always make your ideal clients feel connected and familiar with you.

Now go out and write your stories! If you found this post to be helpful please tag me in your next story post! I would love to support you on social media!

You can also follow me on Instagram @annaclarice.bizcoach for daily online business advice and more tips like these!

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