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How to Generate Leads for Your Online Business

Create it once and allow it to attract and convert your ideal clients over and over again!

How *amazing* would it feel to wake up to more and more subscribers, website traffic, and ultimately sales every single day? Your business is literally growing before your eyes and you hardly have to do ANY work! That would be amazing right?

The thing about online businesses is that most of the work is at the front-end, but once it’s all done and set up, it’s just about maintaining and expanding as you feel like it. That includes lead generation! Today I am going to teach you how to build and implement a system that will not only attract your ideal clients but convert them into paying clients.

Step 1: Create a Free Offer

This is widely known as a “freebie”. This can look like a PDF guide, a video training series, audio, e-book, even a series of emails. Whatever you choose there are just some key elements to keep in mind.

Make sure that the content is hyper-specific to your ideal client.

They need a very clear, very good reason to opt-in for this free offer. This is a good time to do some market research and really try to figure out what your client’s pain points are.

It needs a time-sensitive element.

Don’t give them the option to move on and come back later. Encourage them to opt-in RIGHT now.

If you’re a local service/your clientele is contingent on your surrounding area, make sure the content and specifically tailored to them.

For example, if you’re a makeup artist in Arizona, you obviously want to attract Arizona clients. You would likely want to create a freebie like, “5 products I use that can stand the AZ heat”.

Make sure you’re providing VALUE.

Don’t be afraid to give your best stuff up front, that will encourage your client to see what more you have up your sleeve.

End the freebie with a paid offer.

The point of the freebie is to give your ideal client a taste of what you have to offer. Now that you’ve just given them a ton of value, lead them on to the next step, your paid offer!

Let them know where to find you!

Take the opportunity to build a deeper connection with them! At the end of your freebie share your social media handles and where to find more content from you! That way, even if they don’t opt-in right away, you’ve still created an opportunity to further the relationship.

🔥Hot Tip: You can create full workbooks and PDFs in Canva and they have pre-made templates!

Step 2: Make it an “Opt-In”

The point of lead generation is to build an email list that you can send content and offers to. You don’t just want to put out your freebie as a direct download -- I mean, you can, but it doesn’t do much for you on the business-growth front.

What you do for this is you choose a platform like FloDesk, ConvertKit, Lead Pages, Click Funnels, Wix, etc. They will have a sign-up form or a “landing page” for you to use and connect your link to.

This will create a separate link that you can add to your social media, bios, show notes, etc.

When your audience clicks on this link they will be encouraged to put in their name and email address, once they do that, then they will have access to their freebie either directly on the page or through an email that gets automatically sent to them.

Note: Once this is all set up, you literally don’t have to think about it. People will be able to opt-in and get their freebie without any help or work on your end.

Step 3: Create an Email Nurture Sequence

Now that you have their email address, it’s time to nurture the relationship and turn them into a “warm” lead. Hence the “nurture sequence”, is a series of emails that get dropped into someone’s inbox over a period of time.

For this system, I recommend sending the client 4-5 emails, one a day, over the course of the week. Here’s why:

  • They just discovered you, this is your chance to make them remember your name.

  • If they opted in for your freebie that means they are actively trying to remedy a pain point in their life and/or business -- you want to be the one that helps them with it!

  • They have already made the first move in give you their email, this is your chance to really WOW them and overdeliver.

This is my proven formula that I use with my clients for cold to warm lead nurture sequences.

Email 1: Here’s your freebie! -- Deliver your freebie in a friendly email. Tell them what it’s about, why they need it, and how it’s going to help them.

Email 2: Value Driver -- Give them extended information on the topic you featured in your freebie. Extra resources, more information, etc.

Email 3: Value Driver and Feature Content -- Give them extended information but YOU’RE the solution. This is where you start sending them to your podcast, YouTube channel, and/or blog.

Email 4: Introduce Yourself -- Basically your “about page” in an email.

Email 5: Sell Your Offer -- sell them on something that is directly correlated to the freebie they opted in for.

These are all emails you can pre-write and will get sent out to your ideal client automatically.

Like I said, build it once and you literally never have to think about it again.

Your email list is so important because these are people that moved past the follower stage.

They actively said “yes” to you, and are 10x more likely to actually buy when given the opportunity.

Back in December, I built this system for one of my Launch Package clients and she literally got over 100 new leads in less than a month. This is THE #1 way to capture leads and convert clients in your online business.

Now, if this feels a little overwhelming, don’t worry! I have a branding service where I do this entire process for you, tailored and customized to your brand and audience.

We will have your ideal clients lining up for your offer!

Click here to book my Lead Gen Package!

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