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How I Helped My Man Leave His Job in Less Than 6-Weeks

We applied the Shine Fucking Bright framework and he launched like a rocket!

Today I am going to feature my newest and most challenging client I have ever had… my fiancé, Jared. In less than 6 weeks Jared and I built and scaled his online business LITERALLY from the ground up. Before February 2022 he had no website, a dormant Instagram account, and virtually no online presence (pun intended).

To give a little backstory, Jared had a dream of becoming a professional motorcycle stunt rider. He taught himself, drove all over the place so he could ride, and put in as much passion and dedication into his craft as any athlete would. If not more so.

Then you know how it goes… he got older, he got hurt one too many times, it got expensive, and he felt like it was time to get a “real” job. So he gave it up and went into the corporate world.

He’s also a damn good gymnastics coach, and did that on the side for several years -- but that part honestly deserves its own story. We’ll come back to that.

Over the years we’ve been together he’s tried to find the “right fit” for his career. Cellphones, security, restaurant, management. The problem was that he wasn’t looking for happiness, he was looking for a respectable paycheck, benefits, and a way to pay his bills. Something almost all of us do at one point or another, but it started to have a major effect on his health and wellbeing.

His weight fluctuated, and at the peak of his management career was 60 lbs underweight. He had panic attacks every other day, was extremely depressed, and had no energy to do anything he loved anymore.

This was a man who used to love being fit, being outside, traveling, going on adventures. I think nearly every date in the first year of our relationship was outdoors. He went from that to only wanting to play video games and binge Netflix all the time. It just wasn’t him.

Now, in an effort to speed up the story, I’m going to fast forward to fall 2020, when I needed my spine surgery. My surgery led to me leaving my wedding industry career and I started an online copywriting business. I went on to make more money than I ever have, working less than I ever have in the first year.

Jared got to see first-hand what’s possible, and in January this year (2022) something just “clicked”. He decided that he was going to chase his motorcycle dream once again, only this time, come about it in a way where he could not fail.

We applied my Shine Fucking Bright framework, created him an online business, and this man… launched like a rocket! This is how I helped my man leave his job in less than 6-weeks.

Step 1: We claimed his domain and handles

When we first started we knew a few things right off the bat. He wanted to use his middle name “Asher”, he wanted to do YouTube so a vlog, and he wanted to talk about more than just motorcycles. While stunting is his passion, he’s also a multi-passionate guy! He loves fishing, hiking, cliff jumping -- all the things. He also knows the reality of motorcycles -- you can get hurt, your bike can break, things just happen, so he wanted other sources of content to fall back on.

PS. This is all work we do in the first two weeks of Shine Fucking Bright -- I had just been asking him these questions forever so it came together quickly.

Knowing all of this, we came up with the brand name, Asher Action Sports, tagline, Living the Dream.

Then we got to work snatching up the domain name and all of the social media handles he was going to need.

Step 2: Built the website and online platforms

Once we had the name and the concept, we go to work on bringing his vision to life. I designed his website to be clean, simple, and informative. I also coined his signature green color which ended up being the color code #BADA55 (how cool is that?!) and fonts.

I knew he wanted it to be a Cali, “hang loose” kind of vibe, but also masculine, so I incorporated a lot of palm trees, ocean scenery, etc. into the design. You can see how it all turned out here:

I also designed his logo to use across all of his graphics and platforms.

After the website was done it was really easy to just copy and paste the description and mission statement across the internet on his social media pages, Youtube, Patreon, etc.

This whole process usually takes up a week in Shine Fucking Bright and I have options where I can do a lot of it for you with my branding packages.

Step 3: Created a product to sell

We built the store, now it was time to fill the shelves with a product. Jared saw that while he was out living the dream doing his moto vlog, so many people wanted to know HOW he did it. So we decided to essentially take my Shine Fucking Bright framework and turn it into a PDF online course tailored towards his audience.

It totally aligned with his mission because he’s all about freedom of time, doing what you love, and profiting from your passion. Why not teach your audience how to do the same?

I pushed this product REALLY fast, starting and finishing a 100-page book in 2 weeks. If I were to do this for one of my clients I would prefer at least 4-6 weeks for my own sanity.

Step 4: Launched on social media

Once we had all of this backing and work done, the social media marketing just came SO easy. All we had to do was document what he was already doing and share it! In the first few posts, he went viral, and at this point, he’s getting 3,000+ views on nearly every TikTok and IG Reel. He gained 200 aligned followers in the first week.

Jared ended up putting in his two weeks at his corporate job a month into this process because he was getting asked to do motorcycle shows and to travel for collaborations. It was COSTING him money to stay in his corporate manager job -- imagine that!

This project was a challenge, not just because Jared is so close to me -- sharing a bed with a client who’s asking you questions at 3 am is NOT the vibe 😅🤣. But also that his brand is all about motorcycles and it’s a very masculine feel, and that’s just not me. That being said, it was a challenge as a branding expert to really diversify my skills and see if I could pull it off -- and given the results, I’d say I did. 😏

The Shine Fucking Bright framework is a step-by-step blueprint on how to start and scale an online business. I teach you how to build your online platform, how to identify with your ideal client, how to market yourself, and how to monetize your skills and knowledge.

This is the modern economy baby! It’s digital, it’s about freedom, and it’s completely and utterly available to you.

Check out the Shine Fucking Bright group coaching program for a special first-session price!

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