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5 Things You NEED On Your Sales Page

As online business owners we all L-O-V-E a good sales page. This is where you attract your ideal clients, woo them with your offer and skillset, and ultimately convert them into paying customers.

The copy, the visuals, the layout -- all of it comes together on one, single page to showcase your amazing idea.

No pressure right?

Well, as a branding expert who has built quite a few sales pages for a wide range of different industries and businesses I have 5 elements you absolutely NEED on your sales page.

A relatable story.

People buy from people, not businesses. I have always found that the most productive sales pages are the ones that entail a relatable story that the potential client can see themselves in. Let them know that of all people, YOU understand them, YOU know their struggles first-hand, and YOU know how to help them. If people feel like they can relate to you in some way, they’ll mentally detach and won’t invest in your offer. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, give real details, and be open with your audience.

A clear transformation.

In order to entice someone to buy they need to be able to understand the potential results from your offer. There needs to be a point of before and after. Whether it’s physical, emotional, monetary, etc. It’s important to have clear wording and descriptions of what your ideal clients can expect. Of course, no one can really ever guarantee results, but you can have a target goal.


  • This fitness program will grow your booty in 3 weeks

  • This couples coaching program will make you feel like you and your spouse are back in the honeymoon phase

  • This launch program will help you achieve your first 6-figure launch


It’s always hard to brag on yourself, so let other people do it for you. Even if your clients didn’t go through your new course or buy this new offer, they can still speak on your skillset and work ethic. Testimonials add credibility and make your new clients feel better knowing that other people have invested their money into you.

Keywords/“trigger” words.

As a copywriter, I find that it’s really important to use the same verbiage as your ideal clients. When you’re talking about your offer, use words that your ideal client would use to describe their problems and/or goals. This will again, make them feel like you’re inside their head, and you know their problems better than anyone else.


  • Fitness industry uses a lot of words like: toned, 6-pack abs, snatched waist, grow the booty

  • Spiritual/mindset industry: abundance, alignment, mindful, manifest

  • Entrepreneurial industry: growth, boss babe, freedom, uncapped income

  • Beauty industry: natural, dewy, glowing, radiant

Step-by-step process.

Lastly, you want to break down your offer into bite-size pieces. Be very clear on what the experience will be like for your ideal client, and what they can expect from you.

  • How do they sign up? How much do they have to pay upfront?

  • When can they expect the content? When can they access the course or schedule their coaching call with you?

  • How can they get a hold of you if there are problems?

The more reassured they can be the easier it will be for them to invest in your offer.

When it comes to sales pages, I really believe in the short and sweet approach. The more intentional and strategic you can be, the better.

Now, if you’re an online business owner and reading all of that was exciting, but you’re also realizing that you really don’t have the time to write your own sales pages, then check out my branding services!

I currently have The Launch Package that is designed to organically attract your ideal clients. This is a done-for-you service that includes:

  • A sales page (copy, graphics, design, SEO)

  • A freebie offer w/email nurture sequence (copy, design, implementation)

  • A month’s worth of blogs (copy, graphics, and SEO)

  • A month’s worth of Instagram/Facebook posts

  • A month’s worth of marketing emails

If you want a high-level copywriter, designer, and digital marketing expert to handle your next launch, then this package is for you!

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