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Welcome to The Launch Package! This feature is for coaches, business owners, course creators, or if you run an e-commerce store that's launching a new product or service. In this package, I take on your launch strategy and I create all of the content and systems that we need to promote your offer to your high-paying, ideal clients. My mission is to amplify your reach, nurture your target market, and maximize your sales while you spend more time doing what you do best and focusing your zone of genius where it really matters to you. 

Hey Babe!

I specialize in high-ticket sales and promoting online brands through value-based, organic marketing. 

Look, I know where you are right now. You just created this amazing coaching program, online course, or product -- you know it's going to sell like crazy -- but honestly, you can't be bothered to spend hours upon hours creating graphics and writing social media captions. You have clients to serve and a business to run! You didn't start a company to spend all your time and energy doing marketing that may or may not work. At the same time, you're not prepared to hire on a full-blown marketing team.

...this is where I come in. 

If you want to put a title on it, I'm a contracted branding specialist who supports women in business. My job is. to use my years of experience and extensive skill set to make your life easier, happier, and more lucrative. I channel your brand, your offer, and your message and I create content that serves your entire online presence. I'm all about the big picture and being well-rounded -- so no, I'm not just going to create some Facebook Ads and call it a day. With my promotional strategy, we're going to create value, establish trust, and reflect your brand in a way that attracts clients to you -- and we are going to do it across all of your platforms for optimal visibility. 

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We are going to use your promotion to create a lasting impact that benefits your brand long after the cart closes. 

The Launch Package

Sales Page: Copywriting, graphics, and design on your preferred platform. 

Email Marketing: Nurture sequence of at least 4 emails, with graphics, & scheduled on your preferred platform. Supplied every week for up to 4 weeks before the offer launch. 

Social Media: (Set of 5) Visual element, captions, and hashtag set scheduled using your preferred platform or app. Supplied every week for up to 4 weeks before the offer launch. 

Blog Posts: 1 blog post each week for 4 weeks leading up to the launch. Written based on your anointed topic, SEO optimized, with graphics and interlinking to social & sales page. 

*Pinterest Pin included*


Freebie: A free offer for your clients to opt-in to, to grow your email list (nurture sequence attached)

Graphics: Any graphics needed for LIVE streams, webinars, podcast episodes, calendar invites, IGTV covers, etc. 

Design your own package!
Note that at Anna Clarice Branding I am always more than happy to accommodate and tailor my packages to fit your business needs! Upon inquiring we can discuss and add ons or modifications you may need for your website.

The Facts:

  • The average long-form sales page cost starts at $4,000 (JUST for the sales page).

  • My clients on average make upwards of $10,000/launch.

  • You can use the graphics and designs I make over and over again. I make them in Canva, and you get full access to them forever so you can change and update as you please. 

  • My strategy serves your social media presence, website, SEO, email marketing, and sales. 

  • I've had clients change this package into a monthly routine because they get results every single time. 

  • You get full access to me to help brainstorm ideas over the course of the launch. 

  • We can incorporate mini launches to lead up to the big launch -- making you money over the course of the 4 weeks AND make those big sales at the end. 

The Process

  1. I ask that you fill out a contact form so I can better understand your timeline and project material. I ask that you inquire at least 1-2 months prior to your launch date. 

  2. From the form, I will get back to you and we will set up a Zoom meeting to discuss the project more in-depth. 

  3. Upon deciding to work together you will receive an invoice and contract that will need to be paid and signed within the week. 

  4.  ​From there we get started! I will need:

    1. Branding colors, fonts, photos, logos, etc. ​

    2. Content outline and materials needed for a copy. 

    3. Access to website, social media, and any platforms needed to schedule content. 

    4. Access to you via email, Slack, or social media DMs -- once the project is in session I will need you to get back to me on questions within 24 hours. 

  5. You will receive progress reports and access to all materials leading up to the launch. 

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