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How I Attract Everything I Want

These are my practices on how I work my mindset and energy to attract everything I want.

Whether you believe in manifestation or not, there is still a way to become a magnet for money, clients, love, and all of your desires. This is a process of self-awareness, personal healing, getting clear, and choosing to receive.

Bottom line, you will not receive until you decide you are worthy. You can not attract things you don’t believe you can have. Your free will is way too powerful for that. We also often have limiting beliefs, traumas, and inner child elements that live in our subconscious, actively holding us back from success.

So how do we work with all of that and learn to become magnets for our desires? We take some intentional time to look inward and discover what is truly lying on our hearts. Once we understand that, we can learn to reframe the narrative and start writing our own story of how things get to be.

Below you will find my personal manifestation process and how I attract everything I want.

Step 1: Get clear on your desires without judgment

A big mistake people make with manifesting is that they get too righteous about the whole thing. They feel ashamed of their desires because of the materialistic or selfish nature of them, and they fear that they will be judged by the Divine. The thing is, God doesn’t really care if you want a Chanel bag. God is not making that mean anything about you -- you are. So if you’re listing out desires and you catch yourself holding back on something you want, that’s then YOUR job to take a look at it and figure out your limiting beliefs surrounding that topic.

Like I said before, you cannot receive what you don’t believe you can have.

Step 2: Observe any limiting beliefs or bad feelings that come up

There are universal stories that you believe about yourself, and you have believed for basically as long as you can remember.

  • I’m not a popular girl

  • My family doesn't have any money

  • I’m not the hot one

  • I’m too shy

At some point in your life, you decided these things and you’ve let determine who you let yourself be. For this step I want you to write down those stories you tell yourself and try to think back to the moment that determined this belief for you. Write it all down. What happened, how did it make you feel, why did you start to believe this about yourself?

Then I want you to pull out only the FACTS about this situation. See it as simply as you can, for what it was, and then release it. Intentionally decide that this is no longer a highlight of your story, and it can be archived.

Step 3: Rewrite the narrative

Next to your original statement, change it to how things get to be for you now.

For example:

  • I’m not a popular girl -- I attract friendships that are healthy and nurturing, my friends love me.

  • My family doesn’t have money -- Generational patterns are broken every day, and I will be the first millionaire of my family.

  • I’m not the hot one -- My friends and sisters are so insanely beautiful, and so am I.

  • I’m too shy -- I choose to put myself in situations where I feel comfortable, respected, and accepted, I can be fully myself with confidence.

It’s important to make sure that you are being as authentic and honest in this exercise. Don’t write what you think you SHOULD say, write how you actually feel. Your mind, body, and soul need to be able to get behind it.

Step 4: How can you show up differently?

Just from the work, we did in the past 3 steps your energy is already changing, but as go-getter women, we like a game plan. For this step I want you to think about how you can show up in your life as if you have already received your desires.

If you had a sold-out program, how would you be showing up on social media?

If you already felt secure and loved by your relationships, how would you be acting towards them?

If you already felt confident in your body and health, how would you be walking through life?

This one can be a little bit hard to wrap your head around, so I have some examples below. Keep in mind that even if the act is subtle and small, the energy and intention behind it is what makes the difference.

For example:

If I was already feeling super loved and cared about in my friendships and I felt connected to them, I would be sending them TikToks and memes. I would be bringing them coffee to work, or asking them to make plans to hang out. So, with the friends I want to feel more connected to, I start to do these things -- but only when it feels authentic and natural. You’re not trying to force anything.

If I already had a sold-out program I wouldn’t be showing up on social media in a desperate, needy way. I would be sharing free information, engaging freely, and being generous with my work without needing it to turn into a sale. So, if I want a sold-out program, I show up in that way, and my clients start to feel attracted to my energy.

A great resource for this is my “old self, new self” worksheet -- you can find it in the Monthly Manifestation Guide

Step 5: Always come back to the positive feeling.

It’s all fine and dandy to do these exercises while you’re alone, but they’re easy to forget when you’re out in the real world that’s full of stressors and distractions.

Here are some ways I hold the faith and come back to positive feelings:


I have a set of affirmations I tell myself whenever I feel a specific negative feeling.

For example, if I feel like I just spent too much money, I tell myself: “I am rewarded every single day for being myself, every dollar I spend comes back to me multiplied.”

If I feel like I’m being rejected or left out I say, “Not every situation is meant for you, with the right people and situations you will be invited. You do not chase, you attract.”

If I feel insecure about my work and scared that no one will show up for my programs I say, “When I win, the whole world wins.”

Guided Meditation and Podcasts

Getting out of your own head can really help, so I have my choice guided meditations and podcasts that I listen to if I need to come back to the positive feeling.

Overall, this process might take some time to get down, but once you incorporate it into your life, it becomes a part of your daily routine.

For some active guidance in manifestation and learning to attract everything you want, download my FREE Monthly Manifestation Guide!

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