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3 Signs You’re Out of Alignment

Whether it’s professional, romantic, friendships, or your environment -- I am going to teach you how to identify the signs and how to come back to yourself.

There is nothing more toxic to our minds and bodies than being out of alignment. This simply means that what you’re doing, who you’re around, and the environment you’re in is not where you need to be. It’s not serving you, not jiving with your natural being, and it’s hurting you on a soul level.

The thing is, being out of alignment can be confusing and sometimes hard to identify. On paper, everything can look fine. For example, when I worked in the wedding industry, I worked in a gorgeous bridal store. My coworkers were awesome, I loved my brides, the dresses were the best of the best. I was straight-up lucky to be there. Yet, I got to a point where I was so internally conflicted that it showed up in my body and life to a point where I was completely miserable.

Crying every day, panic attacks, all-consuming stress.

It was because I was out of alignment with my soul purpose and I was going against the grain of what I wanted for myself and my professional career. I was positioning other people’s needs above mine, putting my dreams aside, and settling for something I had outgrown.

It affected me so deeply and I didn’t even really know it or how to fix it. Now, in hindsight, I can see exactly what I was missing and the solution was painfully simple in the end. This is why today I am going to show you the 5 signs you will experience when you’re out of alignment.

You’re avoiding.

After a day of work, what does it look like when you come home? How do you feel? If you’re feeling completely drained and exhausted EVERY single day, or you’re numbing out/dissociating -- you’re probably out of alignment.

You want to look at this head-on because it’s easy to trick yourself. Going out, hooking up, or going to happy hour might feel like being social -- but it can also be a form of distraction. Trying to keep yourself too stimulated to think about how you actually feel.

Or you could be working out, taking on a side hustle, taking courses, etc. and this can look like a positive way to spend your time. Or it could be you overworking yourself so you can feel fulfilled and like you’re doing enough.

Numbing out, dissociating, and depression don’t always look like sleeping all day, watching TV, hiding, etc. It can come out in many different ways and mask itself as productivity.

It’s all about the intention behind what you’re doing. Are you acting out of love and passion for life, or are you avoiding or doing what you think you should be doing.

When I was in my most depressed, toxic state I was on overdrive. I would wake up at the crack of dawn and do my side business work. Listening to podcasts, taking online courses, reading, creating content, etc. Then work all day at the bridal shop, then go to a workout class, come home and work on writing my book until 2 am.

I was pretending like I was being productive when really I was just trying to outrun my feelings and keep myself busy.

Small things get to you.

You’re feeling hyper-sensitive because you’re trying to justify the hurt and discomfort you’re already feeling inside. People’s tone of voice bothers you. You’re paranoid, irritable, and there’s a lot of drama going on around you.

There’s that saying, misery loves company, and I believe that when we are out of alignment we seek out misery. We subconsciously create conflict and hardship again to justify how we already feel.

If there’s a lot of chaos circling you right now, or you feel like the whole world is out to get you, try looking deeper at your situation and ask yourself what you’re unhappy with.

Your body will tell you.

Your internal state of being will almost always show on the outside. When someone is happy and at peace, you often notice a glow about them. When you’re happy you have more energy, you’re more excited about life and you’re in a good mood so people are attracted to you.

You can expect the same vice versa.

This can show up in the form of migraines, stomach aches, stress rashes, psoriasis, fatigue, chest pains, hair loss, breakouts, etc.

When you don’t feel good on the inside, it will almost always manifest on the outside.

Being out of alignment isn’t just about not feeling good. It’s about you doing something, being somewhere, or acting in a way that is against the grain of WHO you are. You are being morally offended and it hurts you more than the average inconvenience.

The closer you can get to soul alignment the easier everything seems to become. Opportunities find you, you attract people into your life, your desires are constantly met. You’re in the flow and you get to a point where life becomes effortless and exciting because you’re doing exactly what you’re meant to.

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