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Copywriting &
Branding Services


I know, brand styling sounds SUUUUUPER sexy... or confusing depending on where you're coming from. To clear things up, I want you to think about the Anne Hathaway outfit montage in The Devil Wears Prada -- we're talking about that level of glow-up, but for your online presence. I'm your go-to girl when you want a facelift for your website, you're ready to have consistency across your online platforms, and you want your brand to shine with your personality. You want your space on the internet to look and feel like you. This doesn't just start and stop with website design, with me, you're getting the full service. 


Anna Clarice Branding Services "Menu"

Blog Posts

  • Copy

  • Pinterest Pin

  • SEO

  • Graphic 

Email Nurture Sequence

4-5 emails 

  • Copy

  • Graphics 

Social Media Content

  • Caption

  • Graphic 

  • Hashtags

Descriptions/Show Notes

  • Copy

  • Links

"Lead Gen Package" Freebie & Email List Creation

  • Copy

  • Design 

  • 4 Email Nurture Sequence

Course Creation/Workbook

  • Copy

  • Design 

  • Up to 100 pages

Ghost writing/e-book

Retainer Clients

Businesses that want an ongoing copywriter/team member

3-month minimum commitment

Custom packaging available -- package must meet a minimum of $2,500/mo

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... so I know I said I was a branding Expert but.....

I actually specialize in direct response copywriting. I am known for my sales pages, website copy, SEO blog posts, email marketing, and content creation. I am a big fan of long-form social media captions, I love to write highly-engaging emails, and my copy converts. I originally set out to be a copywriter in college when I desired to be a wedding magazine editor. I went to college for journalism and mass communications and with the boom of the online business world, those skills naturally evolved with the market. Now a majority of my projects are copywriting-based and I feel like a modern-day Carrie Bradshaw... a dream!


I call myself a branding expert because along with the copywriting I do graphics, interlinking, and I can set up back-end funnels and systems for your online business. I won't just send you the copy for a project, you can count on me to execute every step of the project with tact and professionalism.

Developing a brand is like building a house. You have to lay down a foundation of values and core beliefs. Then you build the walls and structure with your message and knowledge. Top off the roof with a killer offer and services, then I come in when it's time to do some interior decorating. This is a major process and when you're so close to the message and the business it can be hard to see the big picture. You also probably don't have the time to do all of the designing, copy, strategizing, and marketing. You have clients to help and a business to run! 

To make it big online your audience has to feel like they know you. They have to learn from you, like you, and ultimately trust you before they release that credit card information. There's no better or faster way to obtain that than sturdy branding that reflects who you are, what your message is, and how you're here to serve. My job is to pull that out of you, define it, and bring it to life. 

As an online branding expert and trained direct response copywriter, there's nobody better to have in your corner.

What does "branding" even mean?

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Image by Annie Spratt

Why You Need A Branding Expert

Time Is Money

Effective branding for your business requires precision, strategy, and should take hours. As the owner of your business, you likely don't have the time to pour all of your attention into every bit of marketing being produced for your brand. While totally understandable, this could be costing you your ideal clients and lost money. 

You're Too Close To The Brand

As a creator it can be extremely difficult to develop a piece of work: course, mastermind, book, product, or service and then know how to effectively market it. You're too emotionally invested and too close to the project. A copywriter's job is to come in, evaluate your amazing work, and shout about it to the masses in a way that aligns with your brand!

Search Engine Optimization

How do you get your brand to be on that coveted first page of the search results? SEO baby! Something you can't achieve in a video, or audio alone. You HAVE to have a back-end strategy, coinciding copy, and consistency for the system to scan the entire internet, find your work, and place it in front of the exact people searching for it! 

You're Lacking Presence Online

I know, bragging about yourself can be cringe-y. but how are your ideal clients going to buy from you if you can't express how absolutely amazing you are on the interwebs? My job is to identify your best attributes and amplify that to your clients in a way that feels authentic and genuine to your brand. 

It's Not Your Genius Zone

Let me guess, you're one of those insanely talented people whose genius zone lies in video or podcast creation? That's amazing, but even if writing isn't your thing, you still desperately need it if you want your videos to be seen and podcasts to be heard. Where and how you showcase your work matters! Let me do all that while you do what you do best!

Work Smarter, Not Harder

You started your brand so that you could do what you loved, be your own boss, & make money. You did not start a brand just to be bogged down with busy work. Delegate the to-do list and make more time to do what you're passionate about! Your clients, business, and bottom line will thank you.

Anna Clarice Packages

Branding services come as a package, these are just insights of different things I can do!

For those needing a major re-brand/starting a new business

This is a highly-intensive 6-week coaching package to set up and launch your brand and business!

Delicate Elegant Aesthetic Youtube Thumbnail Template For Lifestyle, Fashion, And Beauty V

For those needing a killer website!

This is an extensive, all-inclusive package if you need a website or website re-brand!

The Website Package.png

For those needing marketing content

This is an extensive, all-inclusive package for marketing your online business or paid offer!


For those needing Content Creation Services

This is an extensive, all-inclusive package for monthly content creation and organic marketing!

The Content Package Cover.jpg

We like a girl with a little experience... 

    Brand styling has been integrated into my practice for YEARS. I've done social media management, graphic design, website design, sales page design, layouts, and everything in-between. In college, my favorite classes were online branding and layout because this just comes naturally to me. I love developing a personality online through photos, structure, copy, fonts, and colors. I believe that brands are a direct reflection of us, and they have a personality. They have a direct friend group, a wardrobe, a voice, and beliefs. It's my personal joy to bring that out and build it from the inside out. 

I have been trusted by 6-figure businesses, million-dollar brands, business coaches, health specialists, beauty experts, authors, freelancers, photographers, and SO many people in the wedding industry. I'm known for reflecting the brand's voice, defining the style, and turning a brand into a business... because we like to make money around here. My services last because while I get you set up with the foundation, you can continue to use these tools over and over and develop it any way you'd like. This work is not only engrained in my education but riddled with experience over a vastly large field and various business models. 

Incase you were curious...

    I went to the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications, and got my Bachelor's Degree in mass communications, marketing, and sales. My education focused heavily on SEO, copywriting, layout design, and editing. In addition to e-commerce marketing, digital branding, effective sales copy, and organic online growth. What sets me apart from many other online branding experts is that I am professionally trained to communicate to the masses, channel your voice, and utilize your unique traits to convert raving fans to paying clients. Since then I have extended my education to several courses, books, podcasts, and have studied the progressions in the industry to make my work as relevant and effective as possible. 


Signs you need A Brand Stylist

  • You need a specific project done ASAP

  • You have too much work on your plate 

  • You aren't getting sales 

  • You aren't getting enough engagement 

  • You don't want to spend a ton of money on paid ads 

  • You don't have the time to keep up with your blog

  • You have so much content that no one is seeing

  • You need a website revamp

  • You have a major launch coming up

  • You have information that needs to sound sexy and exciting 

a sneak peak into my world

I brought her website dreams to life!

I had a client who started with having me write a few blog posts for her. After loving what she saw she asked for a website package where I wrote and designed a home page, about page, and sales page. After completion, she expressed that I helped her bring her vision to life. Once we were done with the project she had a fully working website that attracted new clients and sold her services before she even had to get on the sales call. 

I designed sales pages that lead to a $10,000 launch!

For one of my clients, I created a sales page for her new course and within the month she had her first five-figure launch! She focused on her offer and her audience and I developed the landing page that converted them. She now has me do all of her sales pages and business is booming!

My client needed to promote her virtual event!


My client had a virtual event scheduled and needed to spend her time preparing for that. She hired me to design the landing page, write the announcement email, design the graphics, write the Facebook group opt-in, and create a week's worth of promotional social media posts. This was a one-time service, but she has hired me again and again for different aspects of her business. She was able to focus on her presentation and I did the rest!

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