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so I heard you want to build a brand

If there was one thing I could nerd out on for the rest of my life it would be websites. I just love the concept that you can have your own personal nook on the internet where you get to showcase your personality and share your light with the world. However, for most business owners their website tends to fall to the wayside. With social media, services like Convertkit, Click Funnels, Landing Pages, Kijabi, and Thinktific, it can be hard to keep up with it all. There's also the element of being too close to your brand and having a hard time adequately expressing your style and services. That's where I come in.  

I specialize in high-ticket sales and luxury brand development in the online space. 

My girl, I see you, I hear you, and I know exactly what you're feeling. You're having a hard time attracting your ideal clients, they're resisting paying your rates, and it seems like your voice is being drowned out by the noise of everyone else. You know your work and services are top-notch, you KNOW you can make life-changing transformations if only someone would give you a chance. Too many women in business are experiencing this phenomenon, and I think it's high time you got the digital spotlight. This is why I created The Website Package so that I can use my magic to make your brand shine fucking bright. 

Let's get your clients feeling like you're their glass slipper

I call myself the digital fairy godmother because I know how to bring a vision to life. I have years of experience and an intensive educational background in online branding, direct response copywriting, graphic design, sales, and marketing. I know how to take a simple idea, an abstract concept that doesn't even exist, and I can turn it into not only something tangible, but profitable. I thrive on captivating your style, voice, and message through the intricacies of colors, fonts, and wording. Then taking this precious gift and helping you share it with the world. Once upon a time I was a wedding gown stylist, and trust me if I could help a woman find her dream gown in the age of Instagram and Pinterest, I can help your dream clients find you. 

Together we are going to design your personal storefront on the internet and help you establish authority in your industry. 

The website Package

Copywriting: Strategic sales and branding copy for your home page, about page, and products/services page integrated onto the website & sent in a Google Doc. 

Website Design: Full website design for your home page, about page, and products/services page. 

SEO: SEO strategy implemented throughout the website. 

Interlinking: I will interlink your pages together, Instagram, connect your Pinterest account, etc. 

Freebie Email List Grower: Create and implement a freebie offer to attract new email list leads and get the work out about your new business! 

Email Nurture Sequence: 4 emails to send to clients with your freebie offer. 

4 Core Blog Posts: Written, with graphics, SEO, and Pinterest Pin to drive traffic to your new website.

Design your own package

Note that at Anna Clarice Branding I am always more than happy to accommodate and tailor my packages to fit your business needs!
Upon inquiring we can discuss and add ons or modifications you may need for your website.

The Facts:

  • The average long-form sales page cost starts at $4,000 (JUST for the sales page).

  • Your have about 15 seconds to hook your ideal client when they land on your website.

  • MOST potential clients are converted on websites as opposed to social media.

  • Websites are far more reliable for business growth an relying on 3rd party platforms.

  • My clients, on average, are 6-7 figure earners in their online businesses using the platforms and brands that I create for them.

  • You can use the graphics and designs I make over and over again. I make them in Canva, and you get full access to them forever so you can change and update as you please. 

  • You get access to any and all copy via Google Docs, so you can repurpose it throughout your business.

  • You get full access to me to help brainstorm ideas over the course of the project.

The Process

  1. I ask that you fill out a contact form so I can better understand your timeline and project material. I ask that you inquire at least 1-2 months prior to your launch date. 

  2. From the form, I will get back to you and we will set up a Zoom meeting to discuss the project more in-depth. Or we can chat via Voxer if you prefer.

  3. Upon deciding to work together you will receive an invoice and contract that will need to be paid and signed within the week. 

  4.  ​From there we get started! I will need:

    1. Branding colors, fonts, photos, logos, etc. ​

    2. Content outline and materials needed for a copy. 

    3. Links to current website, social media, and any other online platforms entailed in your business. 

    4. Access to you via Voxer, email, Slack, or social media DMs -- once the project is in session I will need you to get back to me on questions within 24 hours. 

  5. You will receive progress reports and access to all materials and content along the way. You can expect to hear from me at least once or twice every single week during the project.

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