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All-inclusive event planning package for 1-3 day events. This is for the business babes who are planning a mastermind or retreat for their clients, bachelorette parties, birthday trips, and elevated girl's trips!

Let's Get This Party Started!

Think of me as your fairy godmother who plans, decorates, and executes the entire event!

Nobody wants to be so busy planning an event that they have no room to actually enjoy it. Especially if you're a coach or business owner trying to educate and connect with your clients. Or if you're a Maid of Honor trying to celebrate your bride. When you have me by your side, you can ensure that everything will run smoothly and it will be an event to remember.

Here, take some champagne, and let me handle it

How nice would it be if while you're getting ready with your girls to go out, you had someone to prepare snacks and drinks for you and your guests to enjoy? 

How about walking into a fully decorated, fully stocked Airbnb complete with gift bags displayed for your entire group?

Can you imagine how awesome it would be if you could just arrive at your reservation with a table ready at the most fun, trendy spots in town?

OK, but what if you had someone to take high-quality photos and video of your event, AND help you make iconic TikToks?

That's just the beginning of this package

You will seriously feel like you have a fairy godmother infusing magic into every single element of your event, and make your life SO much easier!

The Godmother Package

Invitations & Iteneraries

  • Let me use my graphic design skills to create custom invitations and iteneraries for your guests so that they can be prepared. Welcome packets also available upon request.

Games & Planned Activites

  • I can provide games, make custom games, and have activities at your venue

  • I will also coordinate and plan outside activities for your group with 3rd-party providers

    • Wine Tastings, cocktail making classes​

    • Yoga classes, paint and sip, spa days, etc.

    • Boat rides, party bike, river tubing, etc.

Venue (Airbnb or Hotel, etc.) decorating and set-up

  • I want you to open the doors to a fully decorated Airbnb that is completely set-up and ready for your event. Pre-set and custom themes available.

  • Stock location with coffee, drinks, mixers, and snacks for the stay

  • Customized cookies

  • Floaties in the pool, themed cups, photo backdrop, etc.

  • Prep Bride's room with balloons (bachelorettes)

  • Stock each room with mini hangover kits, waterbottles, and bedtime snacks

  • "Oh Shit" station with basic necessities your guests might have forgotten

  • Have cocktails and appetizer/charcuterie prepared upon arrival for guests

Gift Bags

  • Have personalized gift bags prepared for guests

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page for ideas!

Clean Up and Prep Between Activities

  • Your space can get messy between different activities! Allow me to clean up and redecorate while the group it out and about! This is also perfect if you have different themes for each day!

"Room Service"

  • I will prepare breakfast and mimosas for the morning

  • Cocktails and snacks for pregaming while the crew is getting ready

  • Themed refreshments

Lights, Camera, Action!

  • I will help you get the most iconic photos from your event, as well as help create TikToks, and other videos!


  • Allow me to make the restaurant and activity reservations for your group. Depending on the location I will also go over there ahead of time and pre-order a champagne toast and appetizers.

Custom Requests

  • I am more than open to accommodating any other custom requests

NOTE: Stocked drinks, food, gifts, decorations, etc. are all provided by Anna.
Dinner bills, activities, Ubers, Airbnbs, etc. are not.


SCOTTSDALE: There is no extra fee
COTTONWOOD, AZ: There is no extra fee
Anywhere else: I require a fee for travel, rental car, and accommodations

Image by Mia Golic

Gift Ideas

  • Matching t-shirts with themed phrases

  • Matching swimsuits

  • Tumblrs

  • Journals and pens

  • Candles

  • Beach bags/totes/fanny packs

  • Hats (sun hat or felt hat)

  • Slippers

  • Sunglasses

  • Face Masks, Nail Polish, Lip Gloss, Skincare, etc.

  • Beach Towels or Blankets

  • Candy

  • Scrunchies/Hair Clips

  • Books or reading by the pool/on the plane 

  • Matching sweats or pajamas

  • Earrings, letter necklaces, jewellery

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