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The Brand

Building authentic, magnetic, and profitable brands in 12 weeks

Step 1: Download the free Build-A-Brand Guide

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Step 2: Fill out this application to apply

(Those who submit applications in March qualify for BONUSES)

Step 3: Book a free coaching call with me!

What You Can expect

Monthly 1:1 Sessions

Every month you will receive a 1:1 strategy coaching session where we talk in-depth about your ideas, struggles, goals, and plans for the upcoming month. This session will also include exercises, tangible tools, and a customized action plan to build off of the topics we discuss in your session.

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Monthly Masterclasses

Every month we will hold a group masterclass on a topic regarding digital marketing, online business, or branding. You will receive recordings of each class along with interactive workbooks and materials. 

Unlimited Voxer Access

While you are enrolled in the mastermind you will have unlimited Voxer access to me for business/personal advice, help with your copy or design projects, strategic input, and help developing ideas for your brand.

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One Branding Service/mo

Every month you will get your pick of a digital marketing or branding service to be executed by me personally. Need copy for your sales page? Done. Need a nurture sequence? You got it. Want a set of social media posts? Just take your pick! *Packages not included*

Audit Session

Sometimes you just need a different perspective. Each month you can bring me one piece of content that you want me to audit. This can be a website page, digital course, a freebie offer, nurture sequence, etc. During this session, I will dive deep into what's working, what can be updated/changed, and how we can optimize it for success.

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Big Business Energy is the audacity to show up vibrantly and confidently.

It's walking into a situation KNOWING that you have what the people want.

Your track record speaks for you, and you're never left trying to justify your place at any table.

People and opportunities are attracted to you. You're never the one chasing.

It's one if those things that if you have to say that you have BBE, you probably don't actually embody it.

...but don't worry, that's everything we work on in this mastermind.

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Who this Program is for

  • Must have an established business or seriously planning on creating one.

  • Willing to commit to a 3-month program

  • You want to learn more about brand awareness, digital marketing, and online business.

  • You desire to scale your business to new heights

Fill out this application to apply

(Those who submit applications in March qualify for BONUSES)

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