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The Cinderella Trope Explained

Are you the type of person that kind of prides herself on her struggle? Do you often talk about how hard you work, how you didn't get any sleep last night, how you haven't had a day off in forever, etc. etc. etc? I'm not picking on you, trust me, I'm KNOWN for doing this, but I would like to touch on a possible deeper issue here.

Let's take it back...

If you were anything like me, you grew up with a slew of Cinderella-trope romantic comedies. Cady Heron in Mean Girls, Andy in The Devil Wears Prada, Jane in 27 Dresses, and the supreme of all romantic comedies, A Cinderella Story with Hillary Duff and Chad Michael Murray.

If I know you (and I'm pretty sure I do) you identified with these characters, hard. You are the girl who goes above and beyond for everyone. The star student, perfect daughter, amazing employee -- and yet you're still waiting to be noticed. You are buying into the mindset that if you work hard, suffer, sacrifice, and keep your head down, some handsome prince (or boss) is going to finally see you, and give you the happy ending you've always wanted. Only, you're grown up now.

You have bills, responsibilities, a family, and yet you're still in Cinderella mode -- maybe even more so than ever. Coming from the girl who literally spent her 20's going on coffee runs, scrubbing baseboards, and trying to be everything to everyone, I get it.

The problem is that the Cinderella trope is a mindset.

Even if you're "saved" by the prince, job, or whatever, you are destined to repeat the cycle. You'll fall back into a pattern of suffering, trying to earn the next bit of happiness. At the end of the day, you have to learn how to save yourself. When Cinderella finds her prince she becomes a queen, right? I think the real problem is that our entire lives we were only ever shown the first bit of the story. Once she becomes a queen she has her ENTIRE life to live, and no one ever taught us how to step into that version of ourselves. Leaving us stuck in soul-sucking jobs, people-pleasing, unfulfilling relationships, and slaves to our lifestyle. You're living your life in chains, and it's time to break fucking free.

Which is why I created the Shine Fucking Bright coaching program.

In our 6-week journey, we are going to turn you into the queen of your life and career. You will learn:

>>> How to become an authority in your field so that you can have a career you're obsessed with. >>> How to set energetic boundaries and earn respect in all areas of your life so that you can spend less time managing everyone else, and focus on your own life and happiness. >>> How to attract your desires and learn the art of manifestation so you can live a limitless life with endless opportunity and prosperity. >>> How to build a rock-solid personal brand that you're proud of so you can shine your light with confidence and authenticity. >>> How to become financially independent with an uncapped income so you can have more control over your lifestyle and circumstances. >>> How to learn to trust your own intuition so that you can build a life based on YOUR terms. We will mainly focus on career and inner work, but you will find that these practices will change everything about your life. Showing up as a queen and shining fucking bright will rock the boat. People may not like how they can't control you anymore, you may find that your job is deeply unfulfilling, or your current circumstances aren't doing it for you anymore. It's uncomfortable at first but think of the costs. If you stay a Cinderella forever, you are destined to work your entire life without recognition or adequate pay. Suffering and sacrificing while you make other people rich. People-pleasing so much that you start to spoil your relationships because at some point you're going to have nothing left to give. You're going to spend your entire life feeling drained, used, tied-down, and unfulfilled as fuck. Sad, misunderstood, frustrated, and miserable. In my case, my own body started attacking me. I got psoriasis all over my hands. I had daily migraines, a short temper, my hair was falling out, and I was developing a bad drinking problem. Sound familiar? When you dim your light there are some real consequences. You were put on this earth for a reason, and it was not to be as small and convenient as possible. Applying for the Shine Fucking Bright coaching program is deciding to become the queen of your life. To take charge, fulfill your destiny, and embody a higher version of yourself. It's the start of a transition that will change the trajectory of your life forever. You will emerge from the next 6 weeks more confident, more connected to your mission, happier, wealthier, and more radiant. You will glow with authenticity and everyone will want to be in your space. The life you're about to create is going to be more abundant, beautiful, and fulfilling than you could have ever imagined. ... and let me tell you a secret... when you start feeling the transformation within yourself, you'll stop caring about what other people think. The love you'll be able to give yourself will be so much better than anyone's approval or validation. If you're ready to go on this self-discovery journey and learn how to Shine Fucking Bright here's what you need to do: Step 1: Apply to the coaching program Step 2: Correspond directly with Anna (me) to determine when you want to start, your goals, etc. Step 3: Agree to terms, pay invoice Step 4: Start coaching sessions on an agreed-upon date!

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