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The 9-5 is JUST a Paradigm

It is just ONE of the endless possibilities available to you.

In America, our public school systems are designed to produce corporate standard employees. Our school days are as long as workdays, we are trained to complete tasks for a grade, similar to completing tasks at a job for pay, and we learn to look forward to the weekends.

You were praised for following the rules, if you completed the task according to the teacher you got an “A”, and if you finished your work before the bell, you still had to sit there until you were released.

How much does this sound like corporate culture? For many of us, this feels so normal because that is how we are trained to think from a very young age, and we start to believe that this is just how life is. This is how you make a living the “right” way.

The thing is, while this is a wildly popular reality, it is still just a paradigm. Meaning that it is just ONE example of how things get to be for you.

Yes, it is normal for a lot of people to wake up, have their morning coffee on their commute to work, and sit in an office for 8+ hours Monday-Friday.

>>> It is also normal for people to work from home and wear a headset in their PJs with their dog on their lap.

>>> Some people spend their workday at Starbucks chain drinking espresso.

>>> People who travel all over the world for their jobs.

>>> People who work 24/7, and people who work maybe 8-10 hours a MONTH.

The point is, there are hundreds if not thousands of different realities when it comes to working culture, and they are all not only attainable and realistic but NORMAL for the people who choose them.

It all comes down to deciding what you want, and believing that you get to have it.

We, especially women, hold ourselves back from different possibilities because we feel guilty for wanting more or better for ourselves. Our society tells us through media, character portrayals, and sexist nuances how to be, and what is expected of us.

  • Women aren’t responsible with money.

  • Women can’t stay committed because of family priorities (this topic needs a WHOLE post to itself).

  • Women are too meek to be in high-level positions, and if she is at the top, it’s because she’s a ball-buster.

  • Women don’t want to be too ambitious, that’s a turn-off.

  • Women shouldn’t ask for more money because it will come off as “greedy” and that’s unbecoming for a lady. Plus she already has a man at home providing for her, what does she need more money for?

These are the subliminal messages we hear all day every day, all of which hold us back from seeing the other possibilities that are available to us.

The truth of the matter is that most of the structures and paradigms we experience are designed to keep us small.

They thrive on highly skilled worker bees who don’t understand their worth -- so they settle and stay, while they use their skills and knowledge to make someone else richer.

The moment you decide to see things differently, the whole world opens up for you.

Once you realize that there are revenue streams ALL around you, endless possibilities to not only earn a buck, but to grow WEALTH, and to do it all on your terms -- nothing will ever be the same again.

Listen, there are normal, everyday people who earn a living in extraordinary ways.

  • People who have 10+ Crickets in their home office producing stickers, decals, and products for their Etsy shop.

  • People designing websites for $12k a pop.

  • People selling e-books by the hundreds of thousands that took them a day to create.

It’s not a crazy, unrealistic, or selfish notion to want to build a life and career that serves your interests.

Nobody else is going to care about your retirement, how much time you get to see your family, if you get to see the world, or whether or not you’re even happy. YOU have to be the one that cares, and you have to be the one that makes a change.

Your current situation is just a paradigm, one of MANY options to choose from.

If you want some help along that way, and some coaching on how to build an online business then stick around!

I am an online business coach for women entrepreneurs. I have a step-by-step framework that I use to help women start and scale their online brand in 6-weeks.

I’m talking, narrowing down your idea, building a website, creating an offer, making content, and launching. We work to attract your ideal client, create systems to make your life easier while providing value and consistency while building a brand that will be able to pivot as you grow and change over the years.

The new economy is online, and people are paying for skills and knowledge now more than ever. Hop on the bandwagon and let’s build the life of your dreams.

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