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My 5 Step Content Creation Framework

Avoid post paralysis and overwhelm! This process will ensure that you are consistently sharing content and offers. This means building a relationship with your audience and selling all the time!

When you have an online business you want to be sharing content and building a relationship with your ideal clients. This means posting consistently, doing mini trainings, sharing offers, and telling the world what you know!

However, I know that the idea of sharing content every single day can feel extremely overwhelming. Ironically, those who are the most creative and have the most to give end up showing up the least because they feel so in over their head.

This is why I created an easy-to-follow 5 step framework that creates your content for the entire week. Most (or all) of which can be done in a single day.

Before we jump in, I want to express some of my go-to rules for online businesses.

  1. Every single piece of content should be working to promote a paid offer. You're a business and everything you're doing should lead to the end result, sales.

  2. Always have your ideal client in mind.

  3. Keep your brand in mind, always think back to what you want to be known for.

  4. Do NOT give up. Even if you don't see results, keep showing up, keep posting. Turn this process into a habit. Remember that you are BUILDING a business.

Now let's jump in. This is my 5-step content creation framework.

Step 1: Create a Blog Post

I always, always, always start with a blog post because this will act as a base for ALL the rest of your content.

  • It will be the script for your podcast or YouTube video (and the show notes)

  • The content for your IG carousel post

  • The caption for your reels, TikToks, Facebook posts, etc.

  • You can also pull quotes and info for your Twitter

I truly 100% believe that ALL online brands should be utilizing blogs, not only for educating their audience but for driving traffic to their website and offers.

>>> BIZ HACK: Blogs utilize SEO like crazy, so your blog posts can be getting you discovered organically on Google, as well as, Pinterest, and Facebook. You can then implement your offers into the posts directly, so if someone’s reading your content, you are also simultaneously selling to them.

To make your life easier too, I recommend creating a Pinterest Pin and using that as the featured image of your post. That way you can just upload your post into Pinterest at the same time you’re uploading your blog.

Step 2: Design your Graphics

Once your blog post is done take some time to design the graphics you're going to need for all of your different platforms.

What I will commonly do is start with the Pinterest pin and then use Canva Pro to resize the design for my YouTube thumbnail, social media posts, etc.

Step 3: Record

If you’re doing a YouTube video or making a Podcast around your blog topic, that’s what you do next! I like to write my blog posts and record on the same day while it’s all fresh and I’m inspired.

🔥 Hot tip: Record your IG reels and TikToks if you’re already done up for a YouTube video!

Step 4: Email Marketing

Your email list should have the exclusive perk of being the first to experience your content. These emails will also end up doubling as social media captions as well (I’m a big believer in copy and paste). By this point, you should have 4 emails all ready to share with them.

Email #1: Check out my new blog post!

Email #2: Check out this week’s YouTube or Podcast episode!

Email #3: Give them the content directly in the email (in bite-size form/highlights)

Email #4: Promote your offer

You will find that most of this process is just breaking down your original blog post -- which is why it’s such an important first step!

Step 5: Share to Social

How you do this will be based on your style and what feels the most natural to you, but after you create your blog post you want to create at least 5 days worth social media content surrounding that blog topic.


  • Create an IG carousel mini-training

  • Create a mini-training on IG stories

  • Create an IG/Facebook post with the content in the caption

  • Create a reel or TikTok video

These should include a call to action either directing your audience to your outside content (blog, YouTube, or Podcast) or encouraging them to follow your social account.

🔥 Hot Tip: Once you’ve got a few months of content under your belt, make it a habit to reshare content at least once a week every month.

🔥🔥🔥 EXTRA Hot Tip: Once this process is completed, save all of the content in a Google Drive Folder, that way you can have a clear idea of what you have, what you’ve done before, and it makes it easy for you or your team to reshare and repurpose!

I hope you found this helpful and makes your content creation process a little less overwhelming. Now, if you would like some expert hands to get you started, you should check out my Launch Package.

This package includes a month’s work of content, following this framework, to launch your new business or offer!

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