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I Wrote and Published an E-Book in 3 Days, Here’s How

Do you have a topic you’re an expert in? Or what about just something you love to nerd out about? Did you just visit a place or complete a project that you feel like you want to tell the whole world about? Well babe, maybe it’s time to write an ebook! I recently planned a bachelorette weekend for my best friend back in March and it was a PROCESS. 6-months of planning, hours of researching, and trying to think about every single tiny detail. Plus I was trying to plan an out-of-state vacation for 10 women during a pandemic. I’m happy to say it all went off without a hitch, and by the end of it, I felt like I absolutely HAD to share how I did it. I wrote a 37-page e-book that I’m selling for $8.99.

E-books are a trending source of passive income and can be a major boost for your business exposure, credibility, and sales. They act simultaneously as a lead magnet and a product, driving more traffic to your website, social media, and other high-ticket offers. To me, it feels simply like a long blog post. You choose a topic that you’re passionate about, you have a beginning and an end, then you fill the middle with all the cool, interesting things you know. Tell a story, add worksheets, show guides and photos -- explain your topic all the way through, and suddenly you have a digital product ready to sell!

I personally really like this concept because there is a LOT of stuff I've learned, that I'm experienced in, and passionate about that aren’t exactly aligned with my brand. For example, I was in the wedding industry for 8 years and there is so much in my noggin that I don’t want to just be forgotten about as the years go by. Obviously, my clients aren’t coming to me for wedding advice so much anymore, so I write ebooks that pertain to that knowledge and they can be marketed to a whole separate audience.

Let me explain. Back in March of 2021 I planned and executed a bachelorette weekend that was held out-of-state in San Diego, CA. It took 6 months to plan, 10 women were attending, and there were a ton of obstacles to jump through with the pandemic. Despite all the challenges, the weekend went off without a hitch, and I had the best time with the whole experience. I loved the details, the itinerary, and how being thoughtful at different times made all the difference. After this trip, I knew I wanted to document the whole process, mainly even just for myself as a reference in the future, but I wanted to share it with other bridesmaids and maid of honors as well. For people who don’t work in the wedding industry or are die-hard wedding fans, the whole concept of a bachelorette weekend can be really stressful. I felt like if I had the knowledge and the experience I’m obligated to pass the information along.

The first step was to actually decide to just sit down and do the damn thing. Since getting into entrepreneurship and client work I’ve grown to be a big fan of making the process as easy as possible. I don’t have time to reinvent the wheel with every single project, and no one gets a gold medal for using complicated systems that drive them crazy. That being said, my first step was to hop into Canva and search “workbook templates”. A cute one came up, I changed the title, used a stock photo that represented bachelorettes, and boom, cover done.

Then I added about 20 pages and went through and put a topic on every page. I decided on a layout, used the same fonts as the template gave, and then copied that structure the whole way. Once I had the bones to work with and I knew my topics, the information flowed out of me. Literally, the whole thing was done in 3 days, and that’s while I was also completing my client work and other business tasks.

Also, pro-tip, there were a lot of products I used for the bachelorette weekend that were on Amazon, so I created an Amazon affiliate account and used my personal links throughout the book. That way I could help people find great stuff and I get a little kickback every time!

I also have the free version of Grammarly implemented in my Google Chrome, and that caught spelling mistakes and grammar errors along the way. Once it was all done, I proofread and then saved it as a PDF document.

After some research, I found that a lot of people recommend Payhip for digital product sales and specifically ebooks, so I went and created a free account with them. I set up my shop, added my Paypal account to capture the sales, and uploaded my ebook! I set the price to be under $10 at $8.99 and you can set up your account to automatically add tax. They also allow you to attach your email list platform to capture the emails of the people who buy your product, which is HUGE for lead generation.

Once all that was done and I had my link to my product I added it to my Linktree on my Instagram, wrote a post about it, and shared it to my story. Then I took to Pinterest and made 7 pins about the ebook that will trickle out throughout the week. Then I boosted one of the pins for $25 and the ad will run for the next 5 days. Not even 12 hours later that pin has 1.1K impressions and 8 outbound links to my ebook.

If you would like to check out my first ebook you can find it here:

If you want to see how I promote it on Pinterest, plus get branding, copywriting, and business inspiration, check out my Pinterest here!

That was it! 3 days and I have a new product on the internet making money. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t be doing the same, even if you’re not a business owner.

P.S. If you are a business owner and you want to add ebooks to your passive income stream but don’t have the time, look into my branding services. I can absolutely create an ebook for you and help promote it online!

You can inquire on the website, or just email me at!


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