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How to Write Your 4 Core Blog Posts

Use these posts to drive traffic to your website, boost your SEO, and build a know, like, and trust relationship with your ideal clients!

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, even if you’re not a blogger you need to have 4 core blog posts that live on your website. Here’s why:

  • You can use them to drive traffic to your website through Pinterest, SEO, Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin.

  • You can answer frequently asked questions with a link while building trust with the potential client.

  • You can explain what you do in detail that’s separate from your sales page.

The biggest one is the traffic driver. PLUS you can recreate Pinterest pins and Instagram posts for years showcasing the same blog and letting it work for you forever. Here are the 4 topics you need to cover on your blog.

Solve a common problem in your industry, showcasing your service at the end

With this post you're going to be showing your ideal clients that you, of all people, know what it's like to be in their shoes. You understand their roadblocks, frustrations, and goals. They can trust you because you get them.

THEN you follow up this connection with showing them how you're the expert by providing a solution. A solution that YOU created. Within a single post you accomplish the know, like, and trust factor.

  • Many coaches struggle with “x”, here’s how I can help

  • 3 ways to stop doing “x” and start ____ (earning more money, getting more followers, gaining more clients, etc)

  • Why you’re not _____ (booking clients, making sales, etc.)

Provide value and use your service as a way to further their success

In this post you're going to be solving a problem of your ideal client right-off-the-bat by directing them to your free content. You want your audience to see you as an authority in your field, someone they can look to, for answers, advice, resources, etc. This is one of the first steps towards getting them to trust you.

Essentially, this is your way of getting them off Google, and on to your platforms.

  • My top 5 favorite books for healthy habits -- share your habit-building guide

  • 3 things I use every day in my business -- share affiliate links

  • 3 online courses that actually work -- share your course

Feature a client

The purpose of this post is to help your ideal client visualize what it would be like to work with you. How they can fit into your world. If someone can see themselves using a product or participating in a service they are FAR more likely to purchase.

TIP: You can still do this even if you don’t have clients yet! Get really clear on who your ideal client is, and create a story of how you helped them. I don’t promote embellishing results or tricking people, but simply give a visual of if someone were to book you. What the experience would look like and showcase the services you offer.

I don’t promote embellishing results or "tricking" people, but simply give a visual of if someone were to work you. What the experience would look like and showcase the services you offer.

Your unique strategy

Something extremely valuable I heard from Sabrina Philip (business coach) is that people don't buy into someone simply because they like them. It is also extremely hard to get someone to buy from you simply based on likability. That would take years of nurturing the relationship and holding their attention in a very unique, influencer-like way. However, they WILL buy into a proven framework or strategy. Sometimes even on a dime.

If you can showcase a clear, usable, successful tool that your ideal client can use and implement, THAT'S what they're going to buy in to. This is also your chance to again, position yourself as the expert and an authority in your field.

  • This is how I ____

  • My step-by-step strategy on how to ____

  • Here’s what I did, these were the results

With these 4 blog posts, you’re building trust, providing value, positioning yourself as an expert, and building credibility. Write them once and use them over and over again.

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