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How to Write an Irresistible Offer

Use this formula to connect, engage, educate, and ultimately convert your ideal clients!

An irresistible offer is a combination of a few key elements that all come together to convert your ideal clients into paying customers. As a branding expert and professional copywriter, this is my sales copywriting formula that I use for my 6&7 figure online business clients.

When selling to your ideal client, there is a very specific way you need to talk to them in order for this person to buy into what you're offering. The biggest mistake brands make is they make themselves the hero and they act as if they are saving the ideal client. This won't work because nobody wants to feel like a "damsel in distress", they want to be on top, they want to be the winner.

When you position yourself as the hero, you automatically make them feel inferior and second place to you. I mean... would you buy that?

People love a good story. There's a hero, a villain, a problem, a quest, and a winner. It's the same story we've heard our entire lives, but that's because it works.

Your ideal client is the HERO or the MAIN CHARACTER

When you're writing your copy you always want to keep in mind that people buy into what you can do FOR THEM. They honestly don't really care about your credentials or experience, they want to know how you, specifically, can fix their problem. When you're writing your sales copy be very conscious of positioning YOUR IDEAL CLIENT as the "hero" or "main character" of the story.

You are not the protagonist, you're the guide. i.e. Your client is Cinderella, you're the fairy godmother Your client is Mr. Incredible, you are Edna Mode It's their story and you're helping them on the journey.

Their pain points are the VILLAIN

Take their pain points/struggles and turn them into a character when you're writing your sales copy. Attach feelings, experiences, and consequences to these pain points so that your ideal client can fully understand why they want to avoid them. This also helps you effectively showcase how your process remedies the problem.

For example, if you're helping people leave their 9-5 for entrepreneurship, you can describe an overbearing boss. If you're selling an organizational tote bag, you can describe someone who's extremely chaotic who's always ill-prepared, losing things, and stressed out all the time. If you're selling makeup services, you can describe that one bridesmaid that doesn't want her makeup done, but then asks to use your products.

Your ideal client wants something (freedom of time, more money, fame, etc.) make that the PROBLEM

This needs to be a clear problem that can be clearly solved with your guide (offer). This should directly relate to defeating the villain described above.

Your offer is the QUEST that helps them defeat the problem

If we are focusing on keeping your potential client as the main character/hero, we want to make sure that our offer is presented as the map to their success. In any good story, the hero has a problem, they are given a guide (that's YOU), and the guide gives them a roadmap/mission (your OFFER), which leads to success (the CLEAR WIN). When you're describing your offer, I challenge you to write it as if you're describing a thrilling adventure that is going to take your client on a journey. Make it exciting, thrilling, and draw them in with the experience.

Describe how they will feel, the "gold eggs" (wins) they'll receive along the way, and how all of it will lead to a massive reward. This is what makes your offer irresistible.

You are the FAIRY GODMOTHER that guides them along the way

You are helping them achieve their hero journey. Your job is to make them trust you and believe in your guide (offer).

The transformation happens when they SAVE THE DAY

Having a clear win makes your offer a "no-brainer". In any story this is usually: getting the girl, saving the day, having honor, winning the trophy. For effective storytelling, you need a CLEAR win for the client that they can count on, and that will keep them going when the journey feels tough.

Here are some "real-life" examples. For fitness trainers, this can be having the confidence to walk the beach in a bikini this summer. For makeup artists, this can be making a bride feel her absolute most beautiful on her wedding day. Keep in mind that this is usually very simple and obvious. Don't over-complicate this step, just make sure it's something your ideal client will value.

Using this framework will help you easily connect with your ideal client and turn your sales page into their story. If they can see themselves in it, they'll invest.

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