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How to Start Your Online Business Before Leaving Your Job

I see you, Boss Lady. Anxiously watching the clock run out, mind swimming with ideas, and you’re honestly probably feeling pretty discouraged because you only get a fraction of the day to actually work towards your dreams. I know this because I was you. I worked in the wedding industry for 7 years while I built my online business.

I would wake up before the sun and cram in as much education as possible. Work an 8-hour shift putting ideas notes in my phone whenever I could. Then go home and write my book or work on my website until I dropped from exhaustion. I HUSTLED for years, and now that things are finally working out, I realized that it could have been a lot easier.

With enough trial and error, I realized that there were 3 things that would have made all the difference if I had set them up before I was ready to leave my job. Systems that would have helped me grow my audience, increase website traffic, and prime my clientele to buy. Today I am going to share all my secrets with you, so that you can get your business up and running while you work, without the stress.

Create a freebie and grow your email list.

If you have nothing else, create a free resource that you can exchange for email addresses. This can be an e-book, a guide, a video series, a resource list -- whatever fits with your zone of genius, make it tangible. My favorite resource is Canva, and they have a ton of free templates for all different kinds of freebie options.

For email marketing platforms, I recommend FloDesk. They are one of the more inexpensive options and they have landing pages you can create a link to and attach to your social media accounts. (Major bonus)

Creating this will take up your time once, but will work for you day and night. Plus, this will help you grow an email list full of people who are actively interested in what you have to offer. That way, when you are ready to go all-in, you have a bunch of people to tell the big news!

Build a website.

Even if you just have one page on it, you need a place on the internet that showcases who you are, what you do, and why people need you. When I started my copywriting business I started with a single page telling people that I was good at writing, and I helped women in business. This gave me a destination to send people on the fly. In the beginning, most of my clients came from Facebook platforms with people asking for blogging, email writing, VA services, and I would just drop my link in the comments.

I recommend creating a website early on because you can start driving traffic in optimizing your SEO. Ranking you higher on search engines and building credibility from the start. Plus you have more of a chance of getting the domain name you want.

Having an actual website as opposed to just a social media page is beneficial because, at the end of the day, you don’t own your social media accounts. They can be hacked, closed, flagged, and they can disappear tomorrow. A website is YOURS. Plus, it’s again, a project that will take some time in the beginning but will serve you around the clock without any extra effort.

Recommended platforms:

  • Wix

  • WordPress

  • Showit

Write 4 core blog posts.

For your website, even if you’re not a blogger, I want you to write 4 core blog posts. These are posts that showcase who you are and what you do explained in-depth. These will act as traffic drivers to your website that you can share on Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram.

Post #1: Write about a major problem you solve

Post #2: Write about the type of people you help, speak to them directly

Post #3: Introduce yourself

Post #4: Write about a value driver. Ie, advice, resources, how-to, etc.

Blogs in this day and age act more as tools rather than articles in a magazine. With the right SEO, and by posting it on Facebook, Pinterest, and Linkedin it can generate leads and traffic for YEARS.

If you are short on time and burning the midnight oil trying to start your online business, try these 3 things first. I promise you they will actually move the needle and will be well worth your time.

Now, if you’re ready to jump ALL IN and you want intensive, one on one help to start and scale your online business, I recommend you check out The Whole Damn Branding Package. This is a 6-month coaching program where, together, we completely build you a business and launch you to your ideal clients.

You and I will work together every week:

  • Clarifying your offer and how to package and sell it

  • Identifying your ideal clients and where to find them

  • Shifting and breaking through limiting beliefs and fears holding you back

… and I will teach you everything I know about copywriting, layout and design, back-end tech, SEO, sales, business basics, the whole 9-yards.

In addition, you will also get the full extent of The Website Package and The Launch Package. In other words, I will design your website and create a month’s worth of content for you to present to your clients.

If your dream is financial freedom doing what you love with an online business, THIS is everything you’ll ever need. (10 years of expertise wrapped up in 6 months)

Availability for the Whole Damn Branding Package is extremely limited due to the intensive nature of the program, so please inquire ASAP.

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