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How to Monetize Your Blog

Gone are the day when you have to get sponsored to make money off your blog! Here’s how you can start making money as a blogger RIGHT NOW!

If you’ve been in the online space for a hot minute you remember when having a monetized blog was the #dream. Getting paid to write about your life? SIGN ME UP! Then YouTube and social media became and thing and the money was quickly allocated towards influencers. Blog also started getting super cluttered with ads and pop-ups and devalued the user experience.

Now we’re here in 2022, and blogs are still making money for online businesses, just in a very different way. Blogs now act as tools to support and drive traffic to your online business. You use them to educate your audience/provide free, useful information to build a know, like, and trust relationship. They are used for their SEO purposes and get you discovered on Google and Pinterest. You can also use them to promote your offers and services.

No more ads, no more pitching to companies, no more stressing about your post views and traffic numbers. You can literally start making money off your blog TODAY! I’m cracking the code wide open for you and teaching you how to start a monetized blog to start and scale your online business. Here we go!

Affiliate links

One of the easiest ways to monetize your blog is to educate your audience on a topic and use affiliate links throughout the post. You can become an Amazon affiliate just by signing up, and you reach out to different companies and see if they offer affiliate programs. Many start-up companies heavily rely on referrals. Some have them already embedded into their business structure, like Honeybook (an invoicing service).

This is also a very organic way to sell to your audience. Say, for example, you’re teaching about how to create more time in the day. In this one post, you can add an affiliate link for Thrive Market (a grocery home delivery service), Hello Fresh (a done-for-you recipe to cook at home), HappyNest (a pickup and delivery laundry service), Amazon products like a productivity timer, planner, organizational resources, etc.

If you make this a natural part of your blog writing you’ll be surprised at how naturally the money flows in!

Leads to an offer/course

As an online business, I believe that EVERY single piece of content you create needs to serve a purpose that leads to either money or influence (that will lead to money). Money is what turns a hobby into a business.

When my clients write blog posts, or when I write some for them, I ALWAYS include an offer at the bottom with a banner image. Whether it’s promoting a current offer they’re launching, encouraging the reader to follow them on Instagram, or simply promoting my client’s business as a whole.

If you can hook the reader into your blog post by sharing some free, helpful information, that will kick-start a relationship built on trust, positioning you as an authority in your field. When it comes to sales, there’s no better way to organically attract a client.

By implementing these two strategies into your blog writing you can be profiting off your next post today!

I hope this was super helpful, and please share your next blog post with me! I’d love to support you!

Now, if you’re in the middle of building your online business and you need some extra help with the launching phase, I highly recommend you check out The Launch Package!

Get a done-for-you sales page, freebie/email list builder, and then a month’s worth of blogs, social posts, emails, and graphics. That way you can focus on your clients and offer and I’ll make sure you’re shining fucking bright in the online space!

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