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How to Make “Going Viral” Pay Off

Turn your views into dollars and make the most out of going viral on social media.

In the age of social media and especially now with TikTok and Instagram Reels going viral is more common than ever. So many creatives are putting out work and waking up with hundreds of thousands of views, likes, and comments on their work, and it’s happening over and over again. Millennials and Gen Z professionals are building entire careers based on their online presence, and so many of us are out here wondering… how do they DO IT?

The thing is, the algorithm is ever-changing, trends are popping off left and right, and sometimes our best videos flop and the thrown-together ones take off. Social media can be a volatile space, HOWEVER, you can still control how these results work in your favor.

At the end of the day, the whole point of social media is to market yourself off the platform. You don’t own your followers nor do you own your account. You could be hacked and lose everything, the app could go down, things happen. This is why you want a space on the internet that is owned, controlled, and run by you.

Piggybacking off that point, what’s the point of going viral if you don’t have anything to share/sell to those followers? Influencers are making their social media presence their jobs by creating systems, products, and offers that their followers can pay them for. It’s not hard, and once it’s all set up, it’s done and you just get to focus on creating your content.

As your favorite online business coach, I am taking you through 3 steps you need to take if you want to make “going viral” pay off.

Have a Website

Build your internet house so you can provide a link for your followers to click over to. Your website should showcase who you are, who you serve, and why you do it. It should be designed to attract your ideal client and if you do it right, will become a long-term fan.

As a branding expert, I recommend having a home/landing page, about page, and a sales page. Keep it clean and simple, and make sure that every piece of content and material drives a point.

Check out the blog for more website tips.

Create a Freebie

One of the first steps to turning followers into clients is to create an email list, of which you do by attracting them with a free offer. This can be a simple PDF training, YouTube series, audio recordings, etc. Just as long as you’re providing value that’s going to be relevant to your ideal client.

This is something you just need to create once and it can live on your website for as long as you want it to. Then you just require the user to input their email address to access it and watch your email list grow.

The people who make up your email list are your exclusive fans. The followers that took the extra step and allowed you into their inbox. These people are already much more likely to buy into your offer because they’ve already gone out of their way to say “yes” to you.

Have a Paid Offer

Have something your followers can buy! The best thing about going viral is being able to profit off of your hard work. This can be a low-cost offer or a premium service, whatever you choose, you just need to be able to deliver on your promises.

You can sell an e-book, PDF workbook, online course, affiliate marketing, products, services, coaching -- you name it. There are SO many ways to make money online.

For deeper insight check out this blog post:

For most digital products, it’s just a matter of making it once and selling it over and over again.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to go viral and wake up to a ton of sales? A DREAM, and yet it’s so completely possible for you.

If you have these 3 things your social media will automatically turn into your marketing strategy. You can continue doing you, making your videos, only NOW you can build a business and income around it. Even if it’s just your side hustle. If you’re making the content anyway, it might as well gain you something, right?

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