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How to Determine Your 5 Content Pillars

Use these pillars to build a know, like, and trust relationship with your ideal clients.

When I first broke into the online business industry, there were a lot of people talking about content pillars. I first heard about these on the Goal Digger podcast when Jenna Kutcher talked about the “Jenna Kutcher 5”. Essentially, this is a way to strategize your marketing content so that you always have things to talk about, and you can ensure consistency.

The main point is to make sure every piece of content you put out, all ties back to your overall mission. What is the CORE of your business? Why are you out here doing the work that you do? These pillars are meant to strengthen the foundation of your brand and business and reinforce the goal.

The way I started to think about it, is I thought of the Disney Hercules cartoon, you know the one with the choir of women that sing throughout the movie? I thought of those women as my content pillars. They all had different voices, personalities, and unique styles that came together in perfect harmony to tell the story of the movie.

From there, I just thought about different topics of my business that are natural to me, that I can easily talk about, and can grow and evolve as I do. Here’s what I did, and how you can determine your 5 content pillars.

Your Roof: What is Your Overall Business Mission?

What is your “why”? It should be a simple single sentence, try to explain what you do and who you’re here to serve as plainly as possible.

For example, with Anna Clarice, my mission is to help women entrepreneurs build online businesses.

Pillar #1: Your MAIN Squeeze

Who is the lead singer of your choir? This pillar represents who you are and what you do in the strongest sense. This will also be the content that is made to directly impact and attract your ideal client.

For Anna Clarice, this would be my daily online business tips. As a branding expert, I am NEVER going to run out of content in this area, and every single post is meant for my ideal clients who will grow to know, like, and trust me, and eventually buy from me.

It directly corresponds to my business, it represents my brand and packages who I am and what I do in a nutshell.

Pillar #2: Your Belief System

This pillar is about your values. What are some of your core beliefs that will resonate with your ideal clients? This doesn’t have to be about stirring the pot, or being controversial -- however, usually, meaningful topics are a bit on the controversial side. The point is, you need to stand for something if you are going to be seen as an authority in your field.

For example, I post a lot of feminism, women’s health, and women’s rights content on my platform. Women’s rights are something I am passionate about and I will go head to head with people on the internet over it.

This works as a content pillar because my target audience is women, and women entrepreneurs tend to be very empowered and will resonate with my beliefs.

Pillar #3: Walking The Walk

This pillar is about showing your audience that you can walk the walk and that you’re actively practicing what you preach. Again, if you’re going to be an authority in your field, guiding people, you need to be the trailblazer.

How I do this in Anna Clarice is I talk a lot about leaving my 9-5 and building an online business. Making that jump is a huge step for many entrepreneurs and showing them that I, personally, did it builds a lot of trust and credibility.

This of course supports the overall mission of helping women entrepreneurs.

Pillar #4: Your Daily Jam

Pillar #4 is pretty simple, I want you to pick one element of your life that you love and can talk about all the time. This should be something that you either do or have every single day. This pillar is all about consistency and giving your audience something to remember you by.

For my brand, I have my collagen coffees. I have a collagen coffee EVERY single day and I mix it up with different recipes. I do this for my PCOS as well as reducing inflammation in my joints, repairing leaky gut, etc.

This pillar will be a little bit of a stretch to relate back to your overall mission but you can get a little abstract with it. Think about the kind of person your ideal client is. My client, the female entrepreneur, is going to be a “go-getter” type person who wants to put their best selves out into the world. She’s going to care about her health, she’s a coffee drinker, and she’s going to be interested in different ways to improve herself.

I personally believe that she loves my collagen coffees.

Pillar #5: Aspirational Sh*t

The past 4 pillars have been about being relatable, this last one is about being aspirational, meaning that you are actively positioning yourself as an authority in your field that people want to follow. This doesn’t have to be anything crazy either, it should be natural to you, and what feels normal to you isn’t normal for everyone.

This can be travel, fashion, creativity like making digital art, fitness, reading, or even keeping house plants alive. Anything that is uniquely you and that you’re proud of.

With my brand I chose fitness. I was a gymnast for 10 years of my life, I’m engaged to an Olympic-level gymnastics coach, I love working out and overall fitness so I incorporate it into my brand. I’m the business coach that does kickboxing and handstands.

This not only allows your audience to remember you, but you’re letting them into your world a little bit and earning a lot of likability and trust-building points.

With these 5 pillars, you’ll always have content to share and you’ll be actively supporting your overall brand mission. In turn creates a know, like, and trust relationship with your ideal clients and converts them into paying customers.

If you loved this post and want to learn more about building your online business check out my Shine Fucking Bright group coaching program!

We’ll start and scale your online business in 6-weeks!

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