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🔥Hot Branding Tips for Makeup Artists

For my makeup artist friends! Here are some hot branding tips to boost your visibility and make you an authority in your field!

All of the Euphoria-inspired looks are really getting me in the zone for my makeup artistry clients! This is a profession that has POPPED off in the past 5-10 years and people all over the world are turning their creative outlet into a full-time job.

As a service provider, you can quickly replace your 9-5 income by getting booked for weddings, school dances, special events, photoshoots, etc. However, like any job in the beauty industry, it can be competitive, which is why YOU should be standing out online for your special, and unique qualities as an artist.

Today I am giving you some 🔥 hot branding tips for makeup artists that I would tell my clients as a branding expert.

Story Time

You do your makeup every day if not close to every day right? As a way to connect with your audience and build a relationship, I recommend taking this time to tell a story or educate your audience. These don’t have to be tutorials either. It can literally just be you, doing your makeup and talking about something that’s interesting to you.

People find these kinds of videos very intriguing and it kind of lets them into your world.

Some videos I have seen are:

  • Murder mysteries

  • Reviewing movies and/or books

  • Talking about the latest pop culture tea

Many online business owners grow their following by doing LIVE streams. This is could be your chance to incorporate that into your marketing strategy.


Everyone has friends in the industry and sister industries. Get together with your favorite hairstylists, photographers, spray tan services, waxing services, lash services, etc. and create content together! Make fun reels or TikToks, put them on your recommended vendor list, and have them do the same.

Freebie Ideas -- Build Your Email List

Even if you’re not selling online services, that doesn’t mean you don’t need an email list. Getting people on your list and nurturing that relationship can guarantee you work for years out. Even if someone doesn’t need you right now, you still want to be the first person they think about when they ARE ready.

How this is done, is you create a free offer. Whether that’s a PDF, video training, coupon code, etc. Then, when they sign up for the offer with their email, that triggers a nurture sequence that gets sent to their inbox over a period of time.

For makeup artists, I have some ideas for freebies:

  • A PDF resource list of your favorite service providers in your area -- if you’re selling services you need these people to be locals who will actually hire you.

  • How to keep your skin hydrated in the Minnesota winter

  • How to keep your makeup from melting off in the Arizona summer

Advice Beyond the Makeup

To add extra value, provide information to your audience that’s beyond makeup. This can be you talking about a favorite hobby, like cooking, working out, etc.

It can also be something like you educating about proper skin care, skin cancer prevention, sustainable companies and products, the history of the beauty industry, products that cause breakouts, what kinds of makeup to use for your skin type, etc.

This added value will be what pushes you into becoming an expert and authoritative figure in your industry. Your audience will feel like they know a deeper side of you, and they will trust you more.

Pick a Makeup Niche (either short or long term)

This can be an either long-term or short-term marketing plan. As a short-term plan, you could hop on the Euphoria train and be THE makeup artist for those kinds of looks. You could be the artist that teaches people how to use bright colors. You could be the smokey eye connoisseur. You could be the vintage-inspired makeup artist who does 40s looks with the winged eyeliner and rep lips. You could be the “red lips” artist.

Having a signature “thing” will help your audience distinguish you from the crowd and remember you.

I seriously feel like I could go ON AND ON here! If you loved these hot tips, please feel free to share them!

If you’re looking to unlock ALL the branding possibilities and want my help executing them, check out my branding services!

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