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Attract Your Ideal Clients with Your Instagram Bio

Use these tips to attract your ideal clients and gain more followers on Instagram!

How you set up your social media bio will have a major effect on your growth, how you attract your ideal clients and your viewers to followers conversion rate. When someone finds your IG reel, for example, they might want to see what more you have to offer, so they go to your page.

If you can't accurately convey that they want to learn/see more from you within .5 seconds, they're moving on to the next -- without clicking that follow button.

Here's how we are going to grab their attention and convert them with your bio.


In your name, and sometimes even your handle (if it suits your business) you want to use keywords that your ideal clients are already searching for on the platform.

For example, my Instagram name is "Anna Clarice Online Biz Coach"

Profile Picture

Your profile picture needs to be a photo of JUST you, showing your face, preferably with you smiling at the camera. The only exceptions to this are if you use your logo, or if you have an easily recognizable signature piece.


In the first two lines, you need to input the "headline", in one sentence state what your business does and how you can help your ideal client. What you do, who you serve, how you do it.

You can also sneak in another CTA by saying, "Follow if you want...."

For example, “Follow if you’re looking for daily online business tips and how to scale to 6-figures before the end of the year.”


Use emojis to break up the content and capture the attention of the viewer. This brings color into your bio and people can easily identify your words with the icons.

Share your services

Use your bio space to tell your ideal client what you do and what they can expect from you. This is also a good place to share impressive stats.

For example:

🥂 1:1 Online Business Coaching

✨ We have successfully helped 10 women achieve 6-figures this year

➡️ Check out our Top 10 podcast!

Call to Action

At the end of your bio, have a call to action encouraging the viewer to click the link. Where many business owners come short is that they don’t ask for the sale. They assume that the client will just know, but our brains are wired to be prompted to the next step. Even if it seems obvious for the client to click the link, directing towards the link will trigger their natural tendencies and encourage them.


Whenever you can, always input your website link for people to click through to. This will take potential clients off the third-party platforms and onto your online business storefront. This is where we turn followers into clients.

*Linktree: This is a service that allows you to have multiple links under a single link that will live in your bio. Use this if you're directing your social media followers to multiple different platforms.


You always want a photo of you to appear in the first 6 photos of your feed. If someone new crosses your page and they can’t connect with you within the first .5 seconds they are more likely to move on. People connect with PEOPLE so you want to make sure they see your friendly face right away.

Input these changes and watch the followers trickle in!

Make sure to follow for daily online business tips!

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