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5 Mindset Shifts That Need to Happen Before You Can Have A Business

Learn to re-write the narrative, raise your standards, and move into a state of attraction.

The 9-5 is JUST a Paradigm

In America, our public school systems are designed to produce corporate standard employees. Our school days are as long as workdays, we are trained to complete tasks for a grade, similar to completing tasks at a job for pay, and we learn to look forward to the weekends.

You were praised for following the rules, if you completed the task according to the teacher you got an “A”, and if you finished your work before the bell, you still had to sit there until you were released.

How much does this sound like corporate culture? For so many of us, this feels so normal because that is how we are trained to think and we start to believe that this is just how life is. This is how you make a living the right way.

The thing is, while this is a wildly popular reality, it is still just a paradigm. Meaning that is is just ONE example of how things get to be for you.

Yes, it is normal for a lot of people to wake up, have their morning coffee on their commute to work, and sit in an office for 8+ hours Monday-Friday.

It is also normal for people to work from home and wear a headset in their PJs with their dog on their lap.

  • Some people spend their workday at Starbucks.

  • People who travel all over the world for their jobs.

  • People who work 24/7, and people who work maybe 8-10 hours a MONTH.

The point is, there are hundreds if not thousands of different realities when it comes to working culture, and they are all not only attainable and realistic but NORMAL for the people who choose them.

People WILL Pay for Knowledge

The modern economy is online and people are putting an immense value on knowledge. The traditional college experience and the mentality that formal education is the ONLY way to learn anything of value is completely outdated.

The thing is, in a world FULL of accessible information, people value being able to cut corners and get straight to the point. Yes, of course, people can go to Google University and figure out just about anything on their own. But to be able to find out exactly what you need in a way that’s easy to understand and relevant to you -- that’s basically priceless.

There are professionals who are selling their information on just about anything. Sleep schedules for newborns, puppy training, sustainable house cleaning, manifesting, etc. Once you understand that your unique experiences and lessons learned are beneficial to people, your whole worldview changes.

You can Re-Train Your Brain

We can not control the experiences we go through or the outside things that happen to us. From an early age in childhood, we start creating rules for ourselves based on a perspective of self-preservation and survival. Rules that we carry well into adulthood. This is basically a universal human experience. That being said, you have the power to re-train your brain.

If you can take the time and self-reflection to do the inner work and heal some childhood wounds and memories, you can rewrite the story and choose your own narrative. Mindset is 90% of the work when it comes to success and overall happiness.

Your Happiness and Mental Health are a Priority

That being said, it’s imperative to understand that your happiness and mental health ARE THE priority. So many professionals use their work, people-pleasing, and business busy work to distract themselves from focusing on what’s going on beneath the surface. The thing about running a business is that YOU are the magic. The business doesn’t work unless you do, and that means you have to be showing up as your best self. Not your hardest-working self either.

Once you realize that putting yourself first is the key to success, you’ll see that all that is good in business -- clients, money, opportunity, etc. become attracted TO YOU. You will work in a much more inspired way, with a higher vibration. More work doesn’t equal more money. Aligned, inspired action does.

You Have Minimum Standards, and You Can Raise Them

As I said earlier, there are rules that we decided for ourselves that still hold true within us today. A minimum standard being one of them. This simply means that we hold an expectation for ourselves and it manifests into our day-to-day. In every facet of our lives, we have minimum standards -- with money, love, friendships, housing, jobs, our experience at the grocery store, etc.

We expect things based on previous experiences, observations, and the kind of environment we were raised in. Many of these factors are far beyond our control. There is nothing wrong with your current minimum standard, but it is important to know that you have the power to raise it.

You can decide to incrementally increase your expectations for your life, and raise the standards of your life.

The main point that all of these mindset shifts have in common is that YOU have the power. You hold so much more power than you can ever imagine, and every single thought and action you take actively builds your life. When you set out into entrepreneurship and owning a business, you’re in control. Your future and livelihood are in your hands, and I want you to find comfort in knowing that you aren’t at the mercy of what life throws at you.

There are other options, other narratives, other ways of seeing things. You just have to keep your mind open to them.

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