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3 Components Of A Highly Converting Blog Post

PSA: Blogs are not dead. When it comes to online businesses and the age of TikTok and video-oriented Instagram, blogs are still extremely useful in terms of driving traffic to your website.

Full transparency, you know that I’m a writer and I’m going to be a little biased, but I can provide at least 3 reasons for why you should be including blog writing into your digital marketing strategy. One, it’s evergreen content. It can last forever on your website and you can drive traffic to it for years. Two, it gives you content you can make TikToks and social media content about. Three, you have lots of space, so you can write about a topic in full, and still have room to share your offer.

The difference is that we aren’t doing the whole lifestyle blog thing so much anymore (unless that’s your brand). Blogs now are more like tools that you use to drive traffic to your website and in turn, your offer. This is why today I am sharing my 3 components of a highly converting blog post.


I like to have at least two visuals on my blog post. Always a Pinterest Pin at the top, and then a graphic leading to my offer at the bottom. Once you have those, you can add other things like checklist graphics, infographics, etc. Then I recommend resizing them for your Instagram. For a graphic-creating platform, Canva will always have my heart.

Action Steps

People will often just skim your blog post and you want the juicy information to be easy to find. Use bullet points, short paragraphs, bolded font, and quick action steps. The more value they can pull the more it positions you as the expert and someone they want to learn from again.

Specific Pain Point + Solution

The best blog posts are the ones that reveal a pain point and offer a solution. People aren’t looking to intake random information or even to learn about your life. That’s what your IG story is for. If they’re looking for blogs, they’re looking for answers. Never use your blog as clickbait for your course or program. Yes, it’s meant to be a gateway to your paid content, but if you’re prompting a question, you need to answer it.

With these three components, you’ll be able to convert your readers and they’ll be excited to learn more from you.

Now, if you’re looking to learn more about how to start and scale your online business, let me tell you about my Shine Fucking Bright coaching program!

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I have helped women:

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I just have a passion for helping women bring their vision to life and design the life and career of their dreams.

What you get:

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