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This service is for when you need someone to help manage an event and ensure that all goes well. This is kind of an "everything and the kitchen sink" kind of service because you never know what you're going to need!

Let me be your right-hand girl!

Trust me, I got you!

NOTE that I do not to wedding/event set up and take down. I am good for the thoughtful details and then I am at your side, on call for the event. This looks like me being in the bridal suite and helping with hair and makeup needs, preparing breakfast and getting coffees for everyone, steaming dresses and suits, following up with vendors, helping the photographer, venue, and other vendors with their needs, and just ensuring that all goes well.

How does this look?

I can decorate and prepare the bridal suite before you and your bridesmaids arrive. Complete with breakfast and mimosas ready.​

I will go to your wedding-night suite and decorate it with rose petals, and stock it with drinks, snacks, and a mini hangover kit.​

I will make sure the groom and groomsmen stay on track and help fasten boutonnieres.​

I can help make drinks, set out food, decorate, etc.

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